A Bad Luck Life, Trying To Stay Positive

A Bad Luck Life

Does it seem like you always have bad luck? Ever feel like you never catch a break? Does it feel like nothing ever goes right in your life? This is me and my life! And yes, trying to stay positive  all the time is very hard! I will be honest, I don’t always. There are times when I feel the negativity is slipping in and I let it, the strength just isn’t there for me to stop it. I know, this leads to depression too, already dealt with that with the doc. Maybe it’s bad luck and bad choices … Continue reading

Social Media Rants for New Bloggers!

Social Media Rants for New Bloggers

What we’re all thinking as new bloggers. I’m sure I’m not alone in my frustration when it comes to social media for new bloggers. I have shared my business page, At Home Feelin’ everywhere I can think of, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.  I have joined many blogging groups and followed all the threads, adding my page to the specific thread of the day. I’ve added my new posts to the daily posts threads for specific things, liking getting others to follow you or subscribe to your blog. Now to be very clear, I don’t mind this. Actually I love … Continue reading

Reading With Young Children, Is it Beneficial?

How important is reading with young Children?

How Important is Reading Time with Young Children? Do you spend time reading to or with your young children? Research shows there are many benefits of reading with young children, especially between the ages of 2 and 5. I’ve read many articles on reading with young children since noticing many changes in my son after we started making reading a part of our daily schedule. My son is in Pre-K and his first award included, you guessed it, a book. I love this program our school has! If you get an award for an accomplishment you also get a … Continue reading

The Dreaded Tax Season Is Here!

The Dreaded Tax Season is Here! Who else dreads tax season besides me? All that paperwork, yuck! Well, here it comes, January 23rd to be exact, is the start date for filing. I know there is a ton of things you can do to keep organized for tax season and actually I used to be one of them. I’ve done many tax preparations for many people throughout the years. I’ve done the simple easy returns to the full-blown business returns, absolutely terrible when the person does not keep things organized (Hi Dad, lol). I have not done taxes in … Continue reading