DIY Delicious Caramel Frappes at Home!

DIY Caramel Frappe

I LOVE Caramel Frappes! Every chance I get when I’m away from home, I buy one. Being frugal, I got to thinking. By now there are probably thousands of copycat recipes on Pinterest! So I searched and sure enough I was right. I tried a couple, and they were good. However, I wanted to be able to make it a bit quicker. So I decided to come up with my own recipe. And now I can enjoy them whenever I want and the best part, they are ever so yummy! Instead of making fresh coffee and having to wait … Continue reading

I Just Got SCAMMED Looking for Work From Home! Please Beware!

SCAMMED work from home jobs

I just got SCAMMED looking for work from home! And I have to share with anyone who may be looking for remote work from home jobs! This is big, real big! If you are looking for work from home, PLEASE, PLEASE, BEWARE! The Story I have been looking for work from home for awhile now. I’ve checked into many “real work at home jobs”. I really need a job and I need to work from home. They all seemed kind of “phishy” to me. Then I found upwork. I’m sure many of you who have looked for work at … Continue reading

How To Save AND Earn On Your Grocery Bill

Save and Earn on Grocery Bill

Let’s face it, your grocery bill can put a huge dent in your budget, especially if you have a large family! I have lived on a budget nearly all my life so I have learned, through trial and error, as much as I could on how to save when grocery shopping. And over the past couple of years, I’ve also learned how to earn on my shopping trips as well! Here are the ways I have learned to save! Once A Month Shopping Trip – I have disciplined myself to make one big shopping trip a month. This truly … Continue reading

This Is Huge! Free Money! Limited Time Offer!

Free Money, Limited Time

This is huge, free money for a limited time! Continue reading to find out how! I have been using Swagbucks for many years now. And I have earned a lot of money and it has helped my budget tremendously! Swagbucks? What is Swagbucks, you may ask. But I’m sure most of you have heard of it by now. I mean, they have paid out over $186 million days in gift cards! That’s a lot of money! And I’m going to tell you, you should get in on earning some of this! It really is easy to earn with Swagucks. … Continue reading