What is Your Favorite Holiday?


What is your favorite holiday? Mine is most definitely Christmas! I love giving and I love seeing the kids eyes light up Christmas morning when they see that Santa had been there. And I really like to decorate for the holidays.

However, living on a budget and making sure to get the kids get what they want from Santa, sure makes it hard to pay for all those pricey decorations. There is where DIY holiday decor comes in for me, I love getting ideas for decorations I can make myself from Pinterest! Pinterest is my go to site for so many things, and many of them I will share with you as soon as I figure out how. Lol

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  • I love Christmas too. And I am horrible with any kind of crafting. SMH I try, but anything I make isn’t worthy of being displayed. LOL

    • Well then please follow along as I am going to be sharing very simple ways to decorate your home for the holidays.