Selling No Longer Needed Stuff on Ebay

ate6z96t4Another way I make extra money is by selling no longer needed stuff on Ebay. As long as things you decide to sell are in good to new condition, you can make a little cash here. I usually sell clothes the children have outgrown (name brand usually brings a higher bid), as long as there are no stains or holes, etc., clothes I no longer want or have upgraded, even stuff I find very cheap at thrift stores or on clearance. You can also sell household items you no longer need or want. You just gotta know when to sell what. I usually do a search before I list so I know how things are selling. A few bucks is a few bucks! You can look here at what I have for sale right now on Ebay, not much listed today, been busy working on this blog, much more fun!

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