Christmas Craziness, Here it Comes!!


Who is ready for all the Christmas Craziness? I love, love, love Christmas!! Baking, decorating, wrapping gifts, shopping for everyone (although I don’t much care for shopping in store anymore, will explain in a bit), etc. My most favorite thing about Christmas is watching the kids open their presents, seeing their eyes light up and hear the excitement in their voices!

It has become quite busy for me suddenly as I have taken to making some of my Christmas decor myself. I will be sharing a post showing a wreath I made soon. And am now working on another project. I have done most of my shopping online and now just waiting for the packages to start arriving. I guess I better find a place to hide them until I get to wrapping.

Anyway, back to why I don’t like to shop in store much anymore. I love getting things for my children that they really want, however, I refuse to fight with people over something. Seems like there are more and more people out there that have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. I never want to be one of them and I don’t want to raise my children to be that way either. Where has the holiday spirit gone?

What is the holiday season like at your house?


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