Changing the Blog A Bit

Changing the Blog

I’m changing the blog a bit, my story wasn’t really working for me. I want it to be fun and entertaining, not depressing. My story is just that. When I had the idea to write it, I was thinking it would help me. Well I quickly realized it was actually having the reverse affect!

Now I’m going to focus more on the things I like to do. How I want my life to be and stuff that make me happy, not depressed. I have mentioned before that I have many interests, and boy do I ever!

I love my kids of all ages, coffee (coffee-holic here), DIY projects of all kinds, gardening, and camping. The challenge of living on a budget is another big one for me. Using my imagination and of course Pinterest to make home decor and more is a lot of fun for me. I’m sure I will have a ton of categories until I figure out to group everything the way I want it.

I’m always told I have OCD because I like things just so. Well maybe I do a little, but I’ll take it as a compliment. You see, if I do, it helps me keep things organized and makes me work harder until I get it right. Do you see that as a bad thing? I didn’t think so either.

Anyway, let’s see if we can get this blog moving! Follow along on my crazy journey to have a blog that is amazing.


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