The Week Before Christmas, So Much To Do!


The week before Christmas, so much to do still! Wow, it is already the week before Christmas, where has the time gone this year? The countdown has begun for me as I have not even started wrapping yet. Yikes!

Today I spent most of the day cleaning, baking cookies, and on a whim decided to make peanut butter chocolate swirl fudge for me. Hey, gotta reward yourself for all the hard work, right.

And when I get done writing this post, I have to get the kids off the bus and help them with some gift making of their own. Busy, busy!

Tomorrow will be a day of wrapping and probably the next day too. Thursday will be concert day for my son who is in Pre-K. Then they are off from school for 10 days. I have to get the wrapping done in 2 days! No slacking now.

I’m sure, well, I hope, I’m not the only one who still has a ton to do this week. Make every minute count!

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