Let the Wrapping Begin!

Presents to Wrap

Let the wrapping begin!

And the wrapping begins now. Kids are off to school excited for Christmas parties and I have pulled out all the presents from their hiding places. No more putting it off! Now to make sure I have everything I need to start.

Supply List:

  • Pot of Coffee, yup, a pot, cause a cup just isn’t going to do it today!
  • Christmas music playing, gotta have the full effect when doing Christmas stuff, right?
  • Wrapping paper, seems like a ton, but I bet I’ll use most of it!
  • Tape, scissors, tags, gift boxes and whatever else I may be forgetting.
  • And of the course the stuff to be wrapped.

Check, check and check! Sitting here writing this post makes me feel like I’m procrastinating, lol, so off I go. Enjoy your day everyone and if you have last minute stuff to do, you better get to it as there are only 5 days left until the big day!


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