Making Money With Your Blog


Making Money

I figure it’s never too early to start making money with your blog or at least setting up ways to do so. My blog only has 10 subscribers at this time, and not a whole lot of page views per day, but I know everyone has to start somewhere.

Hours upon hours, oh heck, days, have been spent improving my blog until I felt it was just right. I have added affiliates, added a store, and try to post and share everyday!

I have signed up with Viglink and so can you! If your a new blogger and anything like me, you probably spend a lot of time checking your blog stats to see how it’s getting viewed, etc. Instead of wasting all that time just checking on things, use that time to add to your blog. Then just keep sharing on all your social media platforms and in any blog groups you are a member of. Check it out here.

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