New Year’s Goals, What Are Yours?

New Year's GoalsNew Year’s Goals

New Year’s Goals, what are yours? I prefer to call them goals instead of resolutions. Why? Well because, let’s face it, who actually sticks to resolutions for more than a month or two? I know I never have. And, well, goals just sound so much better. Sounds more like your actually trying to achieve something.

So what are my new years goals? Most important to least important. ( but all are important enough to make them goals for the year 2017.)

  • Too not let anyone walk all over me ever again!
  • Not let my anxiety get the best of me this year.
  • To make this blog a place that everyone wants to visit.
  • Too get a ton of handmade by me, products in my store,
  • And I need to get my page seen and get followers. (Learning process that I want to get accomplished this year).
  • Get more organized! Especially my work-space for supplies and stuff!

This list could probably be a mile long, however, these are the most important ones I want to work on now. I figure if I concentrate on just a few goals, I might actually be successful at accomplishing them.

You can check out, Inside Laura’s Head and Cathy Roberts 2017 resolutions as well!

What do you think? What are your goals for 2017?

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  • I love your goals! It’s hard not to let people walk all over you because if you’re a naturally nice person, you might not even realize you’re doing it! I love your blogging goals as well! 😀

    • Ain’t that the truth! That’s me to a T but I’ve had some hard realizations that relate to my young son that are definitely going to make me a tougher person! Thank you so much Cathy!