Tax Time Is Here, Love it or Hate it?

Tax Time Tax Time is Here!

Who else hates tax time besides me? Or do you love it? All that paperwork, yuck! Well, here it comes, January 23rd to be exact, is the start date for filing. I know there is a ton of things you can do to keep organized for tax time and actually I used to be one of them. I’ve done many tax preparations for many people throughout the years. I’ve done the simple easy returns to the full-blown business returns, absolutely terrible when the person does not keep things organized (Hi Dad, lol).

I have not done taxes in a couple of years due to a divorce and not having any of my own income. I just hope this is the year that I finally an income of my own again. Starting a blog and an online business, I have already started saving receipts and trying to stay organized.

I use one credit card for all my business purchases, I’m sure that will help. And I saw Quicken Home and Business 2017 on Amazon. Looks like a great way to keep track of all of it in one place!

Some people actually look forward to a refund during the tax season, I sure would like to be one of them. I can only hope, with keeping an organized business portfolio, that this will help with deductions and business expenses.

What are some ways you stay on top of things for tax time?


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  • I just started my blog! I bought 2 of the pocket file organizer things. The ones that open like an accordion, ya know? Lol They have 12 dividers, perfect for dividing up the year. I will use one for income and one for expenses. I also bought a bill organizer from the dollar store, where I can also write down each credit and debit to keep track as I go. I plan to design my own organizers soon, but have to start somewhere!

    • Awesome, that is a great idea. Why spend more when something simple works? Love this!

  • Iga

    Fingers crossed! I am positive you will achieve your goals for 2017! Have a fantastic day, Iga x

    • Thank you, I sure hope so! Never give up, I say. Keep moving forward, no matter how slow! 🙂

  • Nobody likes doing taxes, accountants probably hate this time of year even though they’re providing a service. It never gets old but is always dull and boring.

    • Well, I would hope an accountant choose their profession because like doing taxes. lol

  • Pam

    I want to set up a good system this year to make taxes next year easier! We just did a cross country move in August so I can imagine how messed up this year’s taxes are going to be! Thanks for linking up with us at Bloggy Brunch!

    • Oh my, yes, that will make it much more difficult! Hopefully through the move you will have been able to stay somewhat organized. I know what that’s like, and no matter how hard I’ve tried, things always get disorganized.

  • One thing my parents did well was to encourage me to save all my receipts and tax documents! It’s so easy to file my taxes.

    • Goes to show that for the most part we follow in our parents footsteps. When we are young we see the ways they do things and we tend to follow that if we know it will make life easier. Me, on the other hand, I helped my dad do hid taxes and he was so unorganized that I learned I didn’t want to be that way so I took the opposite approach.