A Bad Luck Life, Trying To Stay Positive

A Bad Luck Life

Does it seem like you always have bad luck? Ever feel like you never catch a break? Does it feel like nothing ever goes right in your life?

This is me and my life! And yes, trying to stay positive  all the time is very hard! I will be honest, I don’t always. There are times when I feel the negativity is slipping in and I let it, the strength just isn’t there for me to stop it. I know, this leads to depression too, already dealt with that with the doc. Maybe it’s bad luck and bad choices put together?

It’s not just a bad luck day here and there, looking back through the years, it’s been a bad luck life, period.

I could type for hours explaining all my bad luck but I won’t put you through that, I sure don’t want it to rub off on anyone else or bring ya down! Just know the bad luck was and still is with me. Life really, really sucks sometimes.

My job search sucks, no one wants to hire me! Even with going back to school and earning a degree with honors, in my forties. And these are just a couple the big things that life has thrown at me.

Sometimes I wonder what is my purpose in life? I know I was put on this earth to be more than a mother to my 5 kids (only one still lives at home, he is 4), a cook and a house cleaner. I make handmade items and sell them for way less than other crafters, but yet my stuff doesn’t sell. Why? I work hard on my blog everyday, but yet it doesn’t seem to grow. Why?

I just want to catch a break, even a small one. Maybe see my blog grow a little,  or see sales pick up in my shop. Just give me something little for all my determination and hard work, right? Wrong!

“What can go wrong, will go wrong.” But, ya gotta keep moving forward hoping for that one big break! Those 5 kids I mentioned earlier, they are what keep me going. They can make me smile even on the worst days.

Anyone else feel this way about life?




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  • It’s so hard when those goals just don’t seem to be coming. All I can say is what I’ve had a bit of success with. Gratitude. Just things like, I’m so thankful for this bed when I wake up in the morning. I’m thankful for these PJ’s. For this water. The heater. My blog. All the free videos on YouTube (remember when we had to pay for them all!) Everything I do have, I give thanks for during the toughest times. I don’t know if that helps or not, but I hope it does.

    • It sure does help and I do this quite frequently as well. Mostly about my kids, and the little things of life. Sometimes that is all we have to look forward to, but it sure does help to always remember that somewhere out there is someone who is worse off than just having bad luck. Thank you so much!