Today’s Top 10 Selling Novels

Top 10 Selling Novels

I love novels! I’m always looking for the next best one. I may not always have time to read it and my most favorite author is Nicholas Sparks (I did a post about him awhile back, which you can find here), but I still love many novels and authors.

Who doesn’t love to cuddle up with a good book, especially in the winter months? Right. Snuggled up with that hot cup of something, nice warm throw blanket. Yeah!!

Whenever I decide to look for a new book I go to Amazon and type in Top 10 Selling Novels. I always get what is selling best at this time.

Well I decided to look for a novel today and here is the top 10 that came up today.

Now I have a problem because there are 7 of these I want today! lol What I like about shopping on Amazon for books, is that almost all come in Kindle form (cheaper) now. If you don’t want kindle form you can get paperback, hard cover, even used in some cases. I did notice on today’s top 10 list that there were a lot of them that were only kindle purchases.

I have always bought paper backs. Who doesn’t love the feel of a book in their hands? However, now the question arises for me, if I buy a kindle, will I save money in the long run? I will have to ponder this for a while, but I already know the answer, haha, yes it will!

*Disclaimer-This post contains affiliate links, I may or may not get compensated for any purchase you make through any link. Of course, there is no added cost to you.

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  • Paperback Princess

    I love paperbacks..there’s just something about physical books! However, ebooks is my new go-to. 1) they’re cheaper and 2) with an infant, it’s just not possible to hold a sleeping baby AND turn the page at the same time. Lol.