Super Easy DIY Soy Candles

Super Easy DIY Soy CandlesDIY Soy Candles

I love candles but they are so expensive! Especially if you want a candle with a great scent that fills the room or even the house. I’m going to show you how to make your own for a fraction of the cost of buying them.

Supplies you will need:

  • Jars, depending on what look you want or how many you plan to make because, hint, they make a beautiful gift too! You may have some lying around the house, or you may want to buy some cute ones. I bought these, Libbey’s 4.5 oz mason look drink jars. Or you can use 4 oz mason jars too. Whatever you like and can afford, there are a ton of different styles and price ranges on Amazon.
  • Wicks, can’t forget these! **Note** Be sure to measure the height of the jars you are using, so you buy the right size wick, too big is ok because you can trim them back. *I also use little glue dots to help secure them to the bottom because they like to float around when you pour the melted wax in. Again, all depends on your budget.
  • 100% soy wax flakes. Different size bags available, depending on how many and what size you want to make. I still have a ton left over and I bought a 5 lb bag. But I also sell them on Etsy, so I’m always making them.
  • Fragrance oil or oils. Depending on what scent you want or if you want to be daring and mix scents to create your own unique scent. Example: Vanilla fragrance oil and strawberry fragrance oil smells like strawberries and cream!
  • Wax Coloring (optional) *If you do choose to buy coloring, make sure it is wax coloring, not soap coloring! There is a difference. I choose to do my soy candles color free.
  • Jar Decor (optional) I like cute and pretty things so I choose to add burlap ribbon, paper flowers and beads to my jars. I think they turned out shabby chic, what do you think?
  • Funnel * helps with pouring immensely so you don’t get wax drip all over. Some prefer the pouring pot, but I’m on a budget, so I use an old funnel from my kitchen stash. Works just fine!

You can cut costs of supplies by using jars you already have, opt out of coloring (they will still smell the same), leave plain or decorate jars with things you have around the house (use that imagination) and using a funnel and an old pot you already have (just don’t use them again for cooking, haha).

Now that you have all your supplies, let’s get started!

  • Set your jar or jars on some newspaper, easy clean up this way!
  • I use an older saucepan to melt my wax (no longer used for cooking). On low heat, melt desired amount of wax, I can never get the exact amount right for flakes and ounces. I usually do about 5 oz of wax flakes for a 4.5 oz jar. *Hint, if your unsure do extra and make wax melts with any leftover wax, by using any old mold or ice-cube tray. I have some molds because again, I sell wax melts too.
  • While your wax is melting, using a glue dot on the bottom of the wick, and with the handle of a wooden spoon, to help guide and set the glue, center the wick into the bottom center of the jar and push down with the handle of the spoon. If you are using a wide mouth jar, you can probably reach it with your fingers. (Don’t forget to watch your wax, it doesn’t take long to melt!)
  • Once the wax is almost melted, turn the heat off. The rest will continue to melt. Add your fragrance oil or oils, stir and sniff, add more if you want a highly scented candle, I think you’ll know when you’ve reached your desired scent. *Again this all depends on the size of the candle you choose to make. I make mostly the 4-4.5 oz size and I use 20-25 drops per candle. Also remember, if you are combining scents use roughly half for each scent, depending on which scent you want to be more prominent.
  • If you choose to add coloring, add this now as well. Depending on the color you want will be how much coloring you use. *Tip add a little at a time, drop a dot onto a piece of wax paper, it will cool in no time, then you will know what color you’ve got so far.
  • Now your ready to pour! Using the funnel or pour pot, pour your wax in slowly until you reach desired height. I usually go the lowest brim.
  • You can secure the wick to the middle by blowing on the top of the wax to get the top to cool quicker so it holds the wick in place and it stays centered.
  • Let set overnight. *Out of reach of little fingers!
  • Trim your wick to top of jar with scissors, decorate your candles if desired, and enjoy!

Super easy, DIY soy candles are made. They are fun to make too!

Any questions you may have, leave me a comment or email me from my “about” page. Any links for products are through Amazon. I like to buy from one place because then you usually end up getting free shipping with your order total and I am also an Amazon Affiliate. Anything you buy through a link on this page is part of my monthly income to support my family and my blog. Please feel free to shop around for your products!

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  • I actually have made one I call “Cookie Crumbs”. haha it smells amazing!