Being Thankful, Even When You’re Not Where You Want To Be In Life

Being thankful, even when you’re not where you want to be in life can be hard. Life can be tough, and for some even tougher than tough.

Ever wonder, “What the heck do I have to be thankful for?” “Nothing ever goes the way I want it, no matter how hard I try or how hard I work at it.” Feel like you just want to give up? This is me, and my life! Living like this can get pretty depressing and add a ton of stress to your life!

Then I have to stop myself and think, ” My children are fed and have a roof over their heads.” I have this to be thankful for and what I am MOST thankful for!  They most definitely don’t always get what they want, but they do have what they need.

My work may be very frustrating at times, but I am making just enough to pay the bills. I have this to be thankful for. Remembering to look on the positive side, not the negative side can help a lot. I need to realize that no matter how much I want to be earning money through my blog, I have in all actuality just started (only been blogging for about 5 months now). There is money invested in this venture, so I really do need this to be a success. How do I do this? I work harder even when I’m frustrated (after taking a break and analyzing my work, of course).

 I know I have been doing this a lot lately.

For example, I started in direct sales. I am a consultant for Linen World. Now, I just started less than a month ago, however, I want it to work for me so bad, that I’m already feeling down because I haven’t had many sales yet and my Launch Party seems to have been a flop. At least that’s how I feel.

So back too, remembering to be thankful for what we have. I need to remember, I don’t have any money invested in this company so if it doesn’t work out, I’m out nothing. I need to remember, all good things take time and no good business happens overnight!

Because I’ve always had to live on a budget, I know how to get by. I just prefer to get past “just getting by”, but that doesn’t seem to be in the near future. This is not really a problem, but it is goal, cause nobody wants to live on a budget their entire life! So yes, being thankful for only what you have can be hard sometimes too. Everyone wants to catch that break.

Moral of my story? Yes, life can be tough, but we always have something to be thankful for and we must remember this! What are you thankful for when times get tough?

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  • Shelley Seigler Merchant

    I think this is one of the hardest things in life and I can honestly say I’ve been there. It can be very difficult to remain hopeful when you feel like everything in your life sucks (I’m speaking from personal experience). My hubby would frequently say, “At least people aren’t shooting at us” to remind me that many people live in much more dire circumstances and even their physical safety is threatened. Sometimes just that statement put things in perspective to remind me that we were had enough and to distinguish between wants and needs.

    • Yes, personal experience in this kind of stuff sucks. I too always try to remind myself that there is always something worse that could be happening or someone who has something worse going on in their life.