Why Failure Is Sometimes Good

So why do I say failure is sometimes good?

Let me explain.

We try and we try. We get frustration when something is not working the way we thought it would. Most of the time this leads to failure, or so we think.

What we need to learn is that success that is truly successful, takes time. It does not happen overnight! For example, a blogger like myself, might get one good hit and have a post go viral. Does this mean I am an instant success? No it does not. I will have to continue to work hard, figure out what I did to make that post go viral. This is called the learning process of becoming successful. Then I can do it again and again.

A continued success is gradual. It comes from learning, determination, trial and error, and yes, failure.

Failure can be a good thing as long as you don’t give up because you failed once. Failing at something shows you are trying. And trying again shows determination.

Using failure to your advantage

You might ask, but how can I use failure to my advantage? I failed. No, that is not the case. You failed using that approach or strategy, make note of it and try a different approach. Continue to do this until you find the one that works for you, your business, your relationship, whatever it is that you are working on.

When we make mistakes, we learn from them, it is that simple. It is how we respond to those mistakes that make all the difference in whether we succeed or fail.

Failing can make you a better person. You don’t say, really? Yes, if you use your failure in the right way. It builds character, it helps build better relationships because you’ve already “been there”. You learn to communicate in a different way.

And last but surely not least, use failure as a learning device or “tool”. This can help get you on the right track too!

I have felt like I have failed many times over! Relationships, marriage, business and so many other things. However, I don’t give up! I just try harder the next time with different approaches, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.

What do you feel like you have failed at? Are there different strategies or approaches you use when one doesn’t work?

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  • Great blog post! One aspect of self care is to be compassionate with ourselves. That means not being to hard on ourselves when we feel like we have failed. You are correct in that in order to succeed we must learn from our “failures” and keep trying. Once you quit there is no way to succeed.

    • I know I have learned many things through trial and error and failing. You have to take this knowledge with you into the next phase and just keep trying, never give up! Thank you for your wonderful comment!