Upstate New York, Blizzard Warning For Today

Upstate New York Blizzard

 Blizzard Warning and How I’m Preparing

As I write this post, I pray the power doesn’t go out. I am in Upstate New York, under a Blizzard warning, and the snow is really coming down now! The picture above does no justice to what it is actually doing outside! It is nasty outside and my 4 year old son really wants to go out and play. I think the snow is about up to his chest right now, lol, not sure how he is going to “play” or “sled” in this, but I guess I’ve got to let him try.

It is March 14, 2017 and I can’t believe the weather we are having. I think it has decided to catch us up from having a mild winter last year. Haha I hate winter and I hate snow, so why do I live in New York? Right? Well, my family is here and this is where I grew up. If my family was somewhere else, then I would be too.

Of course the kids are home, schools are closed, roads are closed, county offices, and believe it or not the postal service has actually shut down today as well. This has not happened in more than 20 years!

Preparing for a Blizzard

I started early this morning. Cleaning up the house. Catching up on laundry, making sure all the dishes are cleaned and put away. Extra blankets dug out, candles gathered and new batteries in the lanterns. Cellphone and extra battery case charged. Tablets for the kids charged, they can still play some games without wifi and laptop is charged for at least 1 movie to be watched on battery. We have a propane stove so I can still cook, big plus! Also works well for a little added heat if the power goes out. List made of things to do with the kids if the power goes out because my son hates it when the power goes out even during the day. He says it’s scary no matter what, so I try to keep him busy with reading stories, playing games, building with lego’s, etc.

What do you do when your power goes out? Leave it in the comments! Always looking for more ideas.

As I’m writing this post, the storm is actually getting worse by the minute! I hope the worst of it is over soon!

Stay safe everyone in the Northeast and for everyone else, especially if you are somewhere warm and sunny, enjoy it.

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