5 Ways A Vegetable/Fruit/Herb Garden Can Help Your Budget

Garden Will Help BudgetIt’s that time of year again where we start thinking about gardening! What do we want to grow this year? Are there new or better varieties to choose from? Where do I want to buy my seeds (if you didn’t save from last year or just want something different. Do I need new garden tools or supplies?

Growing a vegetable, fruit, and herb garden is a great way to help anyone on a budget whether you have a large family, just having a hard time making ends meet, or just trying to save extra money. We all know at certain times of the year some fruits and vegetable can get pretty expensive!

5 Ways A Garden Can Help

1.) Fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs for your family to consume. Myself and my kids love to eat fresh fruits and veggies straight from the garden. Summer salads are awesome! They love watching the melons and pumpkins grow and have a blast picking and eating the berries.

*Bonus, it is a great learning experience for them as well and teaches them a little work ethic too.

2.) Canning and freezing vegetables and fruits. Drying herbs for seasoning your dishes. You can have veggies and fruits all year-long if you can and/or freeze your favorites! Dry herbs and store them in labeled ball jars or old spice jars you might have saved (this is what I do.) If you have a spice rack with jars, better yet!

3.) Have a vegetable and fruit stand to sell over abundance of what you’ve grown. Grew too much? Set up a small stand on the corner of your drive and sell some of the extra fruits and vegetables! You would be surprised how many people will stop for that nice red tomato or that big green zucchini!

4.) Trade or barter with family, friends, and neighbors for different fruits or vegetables they may have grown that you haven’t and vice versa. Forgot to plant corn or just didn’t have enough room in your garden? Ask around to see who has extra, offer something in return that they may not have planted in their garden.

5.) Dry seeds from some of your fruits and vegetables to start the cycle all over next year! As you begin to reap the rewards of all your hard work, don’t forget to dry some of your seeds to use in your next garden. Just be sure to label the jars or bags!

The Seeds I Have Used

Because there have been many times I have forgotten to save seeds. I shop Amazon for my seeds and starter supplies. They have a lot of deals, good seeds, and an amazing variety of Organic, Non-GMO, Sustainable Seed Bags, Combo Packs and more!

These are the ways I help my family budget and allow my family to continuously eat healthy. Do you garden? What do you grow?

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  • I didn’t know Amazon carried seeds too. I’ve been growing the amount of house plants we have and have been thinking of starting an herb garden but I don’t believe my green thumb is up to par yet.

    • I don’t know anything that Amazon doesn’t carry anymore. haha Herb gardens are actually pretty easy to grow and you can grow a small one right in your kitchen window! That’s how I started mine and was surprised with myself. It really doesn’t take much to grow an herb garden. Just start small with a few of your favorites. Good luck when you decide to start one, fresh herbs are amazing! πŸ™‚

  • I would love to start my own vegetable garden. I’d really love to grow me some herbs on my window sill. My neighbor always grows tomatoes and he lets me get a few bag fulls all summer long! I love it! #anbloggerslinkup

    • It is so refreshing and rewarding to grow your own garden. Herb gardens on the windowsill are extremely easy too. What I love most most about all garden types, saving a ton of money on fresh produce and knowing what’s been sprayed on my produce. Thank you for commenting and good luck with growing your windowsill herb garden. πŸ™‚

  • Growing fresh produce and herbs in your own garden is so therapeutic for the soul (and belly). πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing!

    • I totally agree Heather. Not just for yourself, but for the kids as well and even as a family!

  • Carrie Mervine Relyea

    I would love to have a garden, but I live in the desert, so it’s a little difficult to grow in this climate (I’m in Las Vegas). Without having to spend a ton of money on a greenhouse, do you know of anyways to have a garden in a dry climate?

    • You could do a window garden for herbs, or if you have a patio or deck you could do container gardens. Just be sure to not overdo your containers with too much or they will crowd each other out and not much with grow. I’ve had great success with container gardens. Make sure they get ample sunlight, morning and afternoon, but not too much because as you know, the desert sun is hot.Hope this helps!

  • Andrea

    Totally agree on how a vegetable and fruit garden helps your budget. It also helps your health in a way since you know exactly how you’re growing your food. You can choose how and with what you want to fertilize it, etc. I’ve had my veggie and fruit garden for 4 years and I love that I can into my backyard and get really fresh produce. It’s also great that during some seasons where tomatoes, lemons, oranges, etc. have an increase in price at grocery stores, I can just pick my own from my garden. Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for your wonderful comment! I too love to know what is used to grow my produce, and growing it yourself, you know for sure! I also like the fact that it doesn’t cost a small fortune to grow it myself. Just think of the savings of buying at your grocery store vs buying the seeds, etc. One bag of oranges probably cost more than everything you put into that garden.

  • Gillian Kent

    My son weaves the vegetables into my flower beds. Some of them works beautifully with the flowers. The bees love the broccoli when it flowers.

    • That is a wonderful idea and it also helps keeps some rodents away!

  • Lisa Ann

    This is great! We are starting our own vegetable garden this spring and I am so excited for it! Thanks for sharing!


    • That’s so awesome, good luck with your garden, may you bounty be plentiful!

  • sugarkisses

    Hello Fellow Gardener! I love your tips, and they are so true. Thanks for sharing on Sunday’s Best.

    • Thank you so much! I do love gardening and saving money too! πŸ™‚

  • Heather

    I have had a garden since 2012. I find your tips to be very true. One of the reasons I have a garden is to save money. I also just enjoy gardening! Thanks for the tips!

    • I agree Heather! Not only is gardening great for the budget but it is also great for the enjoyment it brings.