I Never Pay Full Price For My Kids Clothing! Find Out How!

Never Pay Full PriceI never pay full price for kids clothing and I make money while doing so! How is that even possible your probably wondering? Read on and I will tell you how!

I live on a tight budget, not just a tight budget, but a very small tight budget. I still have to provide for my children and I still want them to have things that other kids have and to be able to be in style if they wish. I’ve become a very savvy shopper!

I do on occasion shop at thrift stores, who doesn’t? But only if what I’m buying is a good quality item and in great condition. Unfortunately I never get “hand me downs” of anything either.

My Favorite Way to Shop? Clearance!

I buy most stuff on clearance at the end of seasons. I buy 1 and 2 sizes bigger for the next year. Depending on price and what’s available. I do 2 sizes in case they grow more than anticipated and what the kids can’t wear, I sell on Ebay for more than I paid for it. I have spent as a little as $.50 for a shirt or a pair of shorts. Every chance I get, I shop the clearance section first!

A recent deal I scored was at JCPenny, in store. I got my son 3 pairs of pants and 2 shirts. Total price was $56, I paid $14! Not bad for JCPenny.

I shop on Ebay as well and it’s not just used clothing that you get good deals on. Here is a great example. My son is very picky when it comes to sneakers. His favorite brand that fit “just right” for him are Sketchers. Now we all know how expensive they can be! Well, I just bought 2 pair last week, 2 different colors and sizes, for $18.95 per pair with free shipping! Original price was $54 per pair!

And just today on Kmart.com, I got my daughter 2 pairs of casual boots for a total price of $18.53, I did have to pay shipping of $8.95, but knocked of $2.13 with my points for a grand total of $25.35. Not bad considering the total of the boots would have been, $74.94 before shipping.

Another site that usually has really awesome clearance deals is The Children’s Place. Some of the deals I have gotten my son include fleece pants, T-shirts and more for as little as $1.50 each. I have gotten jeans for as little as $5 and my daughter T-Shirts and leggings for as little as $2.50.

I also get great deals at Walmart. Sometimes their prices are so low, like the basics, starting at just $3, that you don’t need a clearance sale!

I love shopping deal sites like Zulily, Hollar, and more! I usually visit these sites for holiday purchase and or birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, etc. Another way I save is by buying for a bunch of them at the same time to save on shipping cost and to use coupons codes, etc.

Never Pay Full Price

Tips for saving even more money even on Clearance!

I shop through my Swagbucks shop & earn links when shopping online! Don’t have a Swagbucks account, you can sign up here! Get SB’s for shopping that you can redeem for cash and gift cards. *You can also earn SB a ton of different ways everyday!

I use my rewards credit cards to get cash back or reward points.

*Combine both of these when you shop to get the most for your money, earn more money as you have to spend money. And I don’t even shop just to shop! I only shop for what we need, I rarely splurge on wants except for holiday shopping, and I’m always earning points and getting money back.

You can too!

Never pay full price again!


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  • I love shopping in the sales. There’s something totally satisfying about getting a bargain! I also buy next year’s clothes in the end of season sales, it’s a great way to save on stuff you’d be buying anyway! I’ve never paid full price for any of my kids winter coats!! 🙂

    • Same here Sarah and with living on a budget like myself, it is a must. Kids grow so quickly! I have never paid full price for winter coats either. haha

  • Great tips! Many I use my self and some new ones. I have heard pretty good things about Hollar from the ladies on my group.

    • Hollar is amazing! I buy a lot from this site especially around the beginning of summer (now) and before the holidays! Added bonus, when you add someone through a link you both get $2 in your account to spend. Free is free!

  • Great tips here! I try to buy almost all of my kids clothes on clearance or a season ahead!

    • As much as children grow, it is wise to shop all clearance sales. It saves a ton of money.

  • Holly Downing

    Yes! I started shopping clearance for the next year, too. I am amazed at how expensive kids clothes can be!

    • I agree, kids clothes are priced at the same as adult clothing, sometimes more! And its less fabric too. Go figure. haha

  • A Little Heavenly

    I love shopping clearance too! I should also check out eBay more often.

    • Ebay does have some really good buys. When I find a “good deal” shop I make sure to follow them so I can look them quickly.

  • Candy Kage

    Shopping clearance is a must, don’t overlook second hand stores and yard sales.

    • I love any way to get a bargain! I do on occasion shop thrift stores. Yard sales around my area don’t really have much to offer, but I do look from time to time because you never know!

  • Annie

    I love shopping for clothes at consignment shops and on clearance! I hardly ever buy my sons clothes full price.

    • Well it sure sounds like I’m not the only one who loves a bargain. Children grow so quickly I’m glad I can most things on clearance. And the cost of children’s clothing is nearly as much as adults, crazy!

  • Corey Wheeland

    I love shopping the clearance section for my daughter’s clothes. She goes through them so fast it seems silly to pay full price!

    • I totally agree Corey! Thanks for reading!

  • Brittany Ferrell

    By TWO sizes up and then sell on EBAY! Genius! I shop clearance off season, but only one size up and my little one keeps growing like a weed! I am definitely going to follow your tips!

    • Thank you so much Brittany! It helps offset the cost of clothing, yes even on clearance, and most of the time it ends up being enough to cover the costs of the all the clothes I bought and a few bucks to stash away for Christmas. Living on a tight budget can be hard so I try to make money any way I can to support my children. Thanks for reading!

  • Candy Kage

    I now buy clothes for the grandkids so always looking for great clothes on sale. Will show this to my daughter as well.

    • That’s great, thank you! It is awesome to not have to pay full price on the kids clothing, they are so expensive and kids grow so quickly!

  • Mama Fish Saves

    Great tips! I never buy full price clothes for my son either – he wears through them or grows out of them way too fast!! Not worth it to pay full price

    • I totally agree! Kids, especially boys, can be pretty rough on clothes.

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    This is really great info! Now that there are two little ones in our house the amount of money we spend on clothes has, of course, gone up. We are very fortunate to have friends with girls a little older than mine so we haven’t had to buy her clothes in over a year but our little man is starting from nothing. Thanks for these tips!

    • You are very welcome Elizabeth. It is nice when you have someone who passes clothes along but when you don’t it’s always great to find a deal, sale, or a clearance rack!

  • Casey

    I also pride myself on hardly ever spending full price on clothing! Now that I have a second daughter, I’m delighted that all my older daughter’s clothing that was bought on sale to begin with will get another wear!!

    • Oh how nice! I like to be able to do that. When you think of what you paid for them and are able to get even more use out of them you know you are saving even more money!

  • I agree… my kids are hard on their clothes, especially the younger ones. I like yard sales for the three littles, and Schoola, ThredUp and local consignment shops for the bigger ones… plus they grow an inch a month it seems, so paying retail is ridiculous!

    • Carrie I love yard sales too! Where I live now there aren’t many though and that’s a bummer.