I Just Got SCAMMED Looking for Work From Home! Please Beware!

SCAMMED work from home jobsI just got SCAMMED looking for work from home! And I have to share with anyone who may be looking for remote work from home jobs!

This is big, real big! If you are looking for work from home, PLEASE, PLEASE, BEWARE!

The Story

I have been looking for work from home for awhile now. I’ve checked into many “real work at home jobs”. I really need a job and I need to work from home.

They all seemed kind of “phishy” to me. Then I found upwork. I’m sure many of you who have looked for work at home or read any blogs about online jobs, have heard of upwork.

Well, I set up an account, filled out my profile, employment, education, etc. and started looking for proofreading and or editing jobs.

I applied for one and almost got an instant reply! I was thinking this is awesome, I’m finally going to be able to make a few bucks!

Oh boy, was I ever wrong! But, they were good, REAL GOOD at making me believe this was legit!

The Interview

I went through an online interview that took more than an hour! They asked me to check their website and asked what I thought about the business. Like I said they were good at making me believe this was a legit job.

They told me the company paid for a “mini office” for each employee so all employees were working with the best technology. I thought wow, this is nice.

Now, at this time, I still thought it was legit because of everything I read on the website about their technology and how they trained employees through the laptops, etc. that they sent to you. And of course, it was a real company that had been in business for more than 20 years and has been hiring remote workers for years.

They emailed me a cashier’s check and asked me to print it out and do a mobile bank deposit. I did so, without thinking twice about it. The check even cleared, at first.

Once it was deposited into my account, the person I was communicating with told me to check back in tomorrow morning with him to set up the information to get the needed programs through the company vendor and to start orientation.

I was thrilled! Until the next morning!

I signed in at 8 am. He asked me to verify that the check had cleared. I told him I had. He told me to go take the money out “right away” and go to Walmart, then to contact him from there.

I told him I could not do that right then, I had a very important appointment I needed to get to.

He was persistent! I told him if it had been this important, he should have been a little more informative the day before, as I had to go to this appointment and this would have to wait.

To make a long story short, I asked for a way to send it back. He told me to go to CVS and send to a name and address through Moneygram, but that I still had to do it now. And again, I said no, I was going there around 11am anyway.

I then asked, if you need it back right now, why I can’t I just do it online through Moneygram or Western Union?

He said, oh yes, do it now and proceeded to give me a name and address, I asked if this was sending it back to the company? He said, just send it. Well at this point I just wanted to be done with this. I told him if this was a scam, I would find out!

So, I set up an account with Western Union to send the money, did the transfer and waited. Meanwhile this guy was bugging the crap out of me. I was getting pretty mad.

Declined and Frozen Bank Account

An a half hour later, the transaction was denied by my bank! I would soon learn how grateful I was too my bank for red flagging this transaction.

I suddenly could not even log into my bank account but had no time to find out why as I had to get to this appointment. When I returned I tried to log in again with no success.

I called the bank, they had red flagged the transaction and froze my account, for my own safety. Come to find out the check was a fraudulent cashier’s check from a bank in Alaska! I would have been out $1,450.00! Which I did not have in my account either so this would have been horrible!

My bank account was closed for my safety so today I have to go open a new one.

Please Share

Anyway, I just wanted to share my story with you just to help anyone who is looking for work online. It can be very harmful to you and your bank account. I will not be looking for extra work online for awhile now as this was a scary thing to happen to me. With  young children to support, had this transaction gone through, and not been caught by my bank, it would have been a huge set back for me as a single mom on a very tight budget!

I don’t blame upwork, as I know there really are legit jobs on the site, but my first experience was a bad one and I won’t be returning anytime soon. However, I did go back on the site immediately and let them know this was a fraudulent job!

I am very shaken by this thinking about the “what could have happened”, and it is depressing as I really needed this job. No matter how bad you need a job or money, be suspicious of anyone who wants money or offers you money when looking for online work.

Please, take the extra minute to share this so the word gets out! I would love to help prevent other’s from getting scammed!



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  • kristin mccarthy

    Holy crap! That is really scary!