A little about me and At Home Feelin’.

My name is Christina, I am a mother of 5, married and divorced twice. I’ve been told I’m too damn nice and let people walk all over me, well no more! Now it’s time to concentrate on me, my kids, and my blogging business. The name of this blog was inspired by me, because well frankly, I’ve never had that at home feeling. I wanted a place where I could feel at home, say what I want, do what I want, be who I am. Make sense?

I’m a recent grad (May 2016) with a Business Administration degree, which I acquired 100% online, at the age of 42 I might add. Yup, pretty proud moment! I have always wanted to own a business but have never had the opportunity to start because, of course, family comes first. So I decided to do the next best thing, and join the world of blogging to share everyday life stuff and the things I have learned throughout life. I figure if I could earn a degree 100% online then I should be able to run a blog pretty successful too.

Here is where I share DIY home decor, parenting and family tips and information, product reviews, ideas on living on a budget, ways to make money online, and so much more. I also have an Etsy shop, which you can check out as well, right from the homepage. From soaps and candles to country and rustic home decor. Please take a minute to check out it.

It is about time I do something for me that I love and writing is high on the list. I can practically write about anything. Information, innovation and imagination can go along way.

I hope you will follow along on this crazy journey of mine!

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