Top 10 Reasons for My Mason Jar Crush, Who’s Feelin’ The Love?

The Mason Jar CrushMason Jar Crush, Who’s Feelin’ The Love?

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Who has the mason jar crush? I know I do. I love everything about them! They now have so many uses in and around my house, I probably wouldn’t know what to do without them.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the many ideas on Pinterest, heck, I think that is where I really fell in love with them. It didn’t take me long to realize how much I really could do with these glass jars of all sizes. You can get them here in all shapes and sizes! And all the new accessories you can get for these jars are just too awesome! You can buy plastic lids, caps for pouring, gingham print caps. Well, I could go on and on about these useful accessories, but I’m sure you get the idea!

My Top Ten Uses for Mason/Ball Jars:

  1. Canning

veggies for canning

Of course we gotta put canning at the top of the list. After all, isn’t that the real reason we all have Mason Jars and/or Ball Jars? Many things can be “canned” in these jars, from the veggies out of your garden to sauces and soups. Who doesn’t want fresh homemade veggies, pickles, sauces, soups, etc. in the dead of winter?

  1. Storage

ball jar storage

These jars come in handy for storing so many things! And I’m not talking just food. Even the guys use them in their workshops and garages for easy storing. They are great because you can find what you are looking for quickly because of course the jars are clear. Not like my dad or grandfather who always had a ton of coffee cans you had to paw through looking for one simple screw or bolt. I’m sure many of you know what I’m talking about! Darn it, I can’t find the picture so I’ll have to explain. It is simple really, just the correct size lids under the counter/cupboard, piece of wood that is hanging up, etc., and twist the jars on and off. Simple, right? An awesome idea for all those little screws, nails, nuts & bolts, etc.

Also excellent for use in your craft/sewing room for the same purpose. Even in the office. You can decorate these little jars any way you like for added effect of home decor (yes, that is on the list as well).

And of course, the pantry. I love using these for baking supplies like chocolate chips, raisins, muffin wrappers, and so much more.

  1. Gift Giving

spoon honey jar gift

Mason jars or ball jars are also a great way to give a gift. You can make honey and syrups, dry cookie mixes, dip mixes, pancake mixes, and more to give as gifts or add to gift baskets. Homemade gifts are always the best! Homemade sugar scrubs make a great gift when gifted in a cute ball jar too. * I will be writing a post on how to make your own sugar scrub.*

  1. Drink Ware

Ball Jar Drink Ware

Now for drink ware. Some just use these jars straight up to drink out of, others love the new top and straw sets you can buy specially made for ball jars, now available in colors too! They have gallon size for making sun tea or with a spout so your kids can help themselves!

  1. Wedding Decor

Romantic Wedding Lights

The newest thing in wedding decor, ball jars! Again, Pinterest for ideas. Romantic table lighting, or scattered lightning depending on where your wedding or reception is being held.  Flower centerpieces for tables is another romantic use for rustic/country style weddings.

  1. Lighting/Candles

mason jar lights

These jars make for some amazing lighting and add a charming country look as well! As you can see from the one above, these jars make for some very nice lighting. Or you can use them to actually make the candles in like I have done here with my 100% soy candles. So many different uses for lighting and candles.

  1. Organizing

Jar Organizing

Organizing kinda goes in hand with storage don’t ya think? If your using these jars to store things in, as long as your sorting them too, then you are organizing as well. I’m sure us ladies do this much more in our craft rooms, sewing rooms, or work areas, more than the guys do it in their garages!

  1. Parties

Ball Jar Drink Ware

If your a country gal like myself, I’m sure you’ve already used these for parties too. And this may go with drinkware for some, as we have used them for drinking beer, soda, and they are great for making cocktails ahead of time. If your making drinks for large crowds then the gallon jars work well here too.

  1. Home Decor

Flower vase

And oh my goodness, so many uses for home decor! I’ve seen 1000’s of pins on Pinterest for home decor with ball jars and mason jars. I’ve seen them painted and displayed, love these, and working on a set of my own right now. Haha! What I really like though is the simple way to display flowers from the garden or wildflowers picked by your little ones.

  1. Crafts

Sugar Scrubs

There are so many things that are considered crafts even when it comes to these cute little or big jars. Making sugar scrubs, painting them for home decor, using them for gift giving, etc. So many ideas on Pinterest for this one. One of my favorites is making snow globes. You can find the instructions here: Making  a Snowglobe

Found this DIY tutorial at,

You must check out crafts for ball jars on Pinterest if you love crafting and ball jars! There are just too many for me to go about here. (Yes, I spend WAY too much time on Pinterest, lol)

Now that I have shared my top 10 reasons why I love mason jars, let me tell you that this is only a handful of ideas for these awesome jars. I could probably do post after post about what you can use them for, or tutorials on how to do this or that with ball jars. But now, I want to know what you like about mason/ball jars.

Do you have a mason jar crush too?



Ornament Wreath – How To Make One


How to make an ornament wreath. I’ve seen these all over Pinterest and have wanted to find the time to make one. Did they really look as nice as the pictures? Well, I finally found the time to gather materials and make one. And guess what? I love how it turned out!


Materials needed:

  • wire coat hanger (note to self and you, try to use one that is not so heavy duty, as it is hard to shape and bend together once you have all the ornaments on.)
  • pair of pliers
  • lots of ornaments, your choice of sizes, colors, etc.
  • bow  or ribbon (optional) (your choice of what you add for finishing touches)

Ready to get started?

First unwind top of hanger, try to bend it into a circular shape (does not have to be perfect, the ornaments add to the roundness as well). I used the pliers for this because I had a heavy duty hanger. Next, start adding ornaments! I tried to do them in a pattern so when I started to bunch them together, the colors or designs were mixed. Kinda worked. As you get more and more ornaments on, you will need to help bunch them together by moving them around and getting them close together.



Now just keep adding, bunching, and getting them close together until you get the full look you want, just be sure to leave enough room at the ends to get a tight fit when closing up the wire. I would hold the ends together to see how many more I could add as I got closer to the end. Pictured above. Also note that they will move around and look like they are all messed up every time you lay the wreath down, you can fix this later.

When you get the look and fullness you want, hook the ends of the wire together securely. Everyone does this a little different, so I will leave that option up to you. Add bow or ribbon at the top and check out your masterpiece!


I love this new look and it’s something a little different than having an evergreen wreath on the door every year. Looking at the above picture, I can see where I forget to bunch spot together before taking the picture, but you get the idea and the look. Have fun, experiment with colors and sizes, etc. to make your own ornament wreath!

*Note – I have fixed the spot where I forgot to bunch them. Lol

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

My Ideas when it comes to Home Decor

Always having lived on a tight budget, I wanted to find ideas to still make my home cozy and comfortable. This is now where Pinterest comes in me! I love, love, love Pinterest, you can find me at, . I have recently joined Google+ as well. I will soon start sharing the ideas I find for DIY home decor that I love. I hope that you will love them too!