My Basic Blogging Tools

Blogging ToolsMy Blogging Tools

As you all know, I’m a new blogger and I’m here to show you that you can start with just the basic blogging tools and very little money. I did a ton of research before starting and was still so nervous to actually begin the set up process. Finally, I told myself, “If your going to do it, just do it!”

Once I started, I realized I could learn a lot more through trial and error rather than reading a ton of stuff that ended up being extremely contradicting. One said this, the other said no, not this. It got confusing and frustrating all at once. Believe me, there was a lot of trial and errors when I jumped in. Still are at some points, like adding the Country Cabin Store, which I am still working on. It is up and working if you want to check it out, just not too many products yet.

It is also a lot of fun and oh so exciting to be on this new journey! I’ve had my blog up for a couple of months now and I’ve written some about making money with your blog.

Right now my basic (very basic) blogging tools include:

    • HP 2000 Notebook PC
    • HP Deskjet 2132 All-In-One Printer/Copier/Scanner
    • Apple iPhone 4 (yes it is WAY out of date, but it still works and I can’t afford to upgrade just yet)
    • Tons of paper, pens and pencils
    • And last but surely not least, my Keurig! Gotta have that coffee to keep me going.

There are a ton of Apps on my laptop and on my phone that help tremendously as well. I very much want this blog to be a huge success so I treat it like a job, and one that I love! I try to be consistent with the time I “work”, like I would if I had a 40 hour work week and even the occasional over-time.

Making Money With Your Blog


Making Money

I figure it’s never too early to start making money with your blog or at least setting up ways to do so. My blog only has 10 subscribers at this time, and not a whole lot of page views per day, but I know everyone has to start somewhere.

Hours upon hours, oh heck, days, have been spent improving my blog until I felt it was just right. I have added affiliates, added a store, and try to post and share everyday!

I have signed up with Viglink and so can you! If your a new blogger and anything like me, you probably spend a lot of time checking your blog stats to see how it’s getting viewed, etc. Instead of wasting all that time just checking on things, use that time to add to your blog. Then just keep sharing on all your social media platforms and in any blog groups you are a member of. Check it out here.

Making Money with Swagbucks, Extra Cash

Making money with Swagbucks is a real way to earn some extra cash! I know hundreds of people who make a ton of money with Swagbucks, however I am not one of them. Do I like Swagbucks? Absolutely, I love it actually! I just don’t have hours to spend on the site everyday.

I have been a member of Swagbucks since 2011 and have earned around $800 total. Most of that, in the last couple of years while only spending about an hour, 3 or 4 days a week, on the site. I have recently realized though, that if I end up with more free time to use, that is where to use it.

I know, I know, that doesn’t seem like a lot of money. Your right, it’s not, but I let it add up in my account and for someone on a tight budget, cash is cash. I use it for birthdays, holidays, or emergencies. Here is a screenshot to show a small example of real cash outs.

Wanna give it a try? Here is a direct link, it only takes a minute to sign up and try it out!

Handmade Items, Another Way to Make Extra Money

Etsy, for selling handmade items, another way to make extra money. Do you have a hobby that you love? Are you really good at making things with your hands? Etsy is a place to sell handmade items. You can set up a store to sell anything you have hand made.
I love making soaps, sugar scrubs, bath salts, and more. Others things I like to do are painting, making things that look rustic or country, and writing. I actually have many interests, and always have trouble deciding what I want to work that day.
Not only is it fun to do, but the added bonus is making a little extra side cash.
I have not had a ton of time to make new products lately and I just realized some of my listings have expired, shame on me. Lol Time to revamp my Etsy store as well.
Granted, I have not made a ton of money selling handmade items but I also have not put a lot of money into making it a successful business yet either.
You can check out my Etsy store here, see if it’s something you want to try to make some extra money. Country Cabin Store