The Why’s Behind My Blog

Why's Behind My Blog Why do I blog?

There are millions of blogs and bloggers out there already. I know, I did my research, but I still wanted to be a “blogger”. Maybe its the word, “Blogger”. I love the word! Crazy, right?

For a long time, I have wanted to blog, years in fact! How about you? I thought about it, dreamed about it, how mine could be different or “the one”. Haha


One day, I realized the reason I wanted to start a blog was to have a place to write, simple as that, so I bought my hosting through Bluehost, set up through WordPress, and started my blog! A place where I could write about anything my little heart desired. I knew that I had knowledge of many different areas that I could share as well. That’s why I started a blog. If I only help one person with an idea or teach one person how to make that budget stretch, or made one friend who really understands me as a person, then I’ve done what I started out to do.

Why I BlogWhy?

I blog for me because I love to write. Because I love to share things with others, but most of all I blog in the hopes to make enough money to support my kids. Sharing from my heart and sharing what I know is a way for me to do that.

You see, I have depression and anxiety, it doesn’t help that I am an introvert as well. My depression is not so good right now and that makes anything and everything set off the anxiety. Even being content sitting at home doing everything I possibly can online, from shopping to making money. I still get anxious over so many things!


Writing is my way out, my way of “talking” and “connecting” with others. Another great reason for blogging for me. I truly do want to connect with people, being an introvert doesn’t mean I don’t want true friends, it just means it hard for me to take that first step towards a person for fear of rejection. (I have faced this all my life, my “friends” have always been my partner’s friends. Not my real friends, people who like me for me.) A friend who calls you up to go out for a cup of coffee or who wants to talk about life’s ups and downs.  And as an adult or a mommy, it is even harder to make friends.

Do you blog? If so, what is your reason behind your blog?

Upstate New York, Blizzard Warning For Today

Upstate New York Blizzard

 Blizzard Warning and How I’m Preparing

As I write this post, I pray the power doesn’t go out. I am in Upstate New York, under a Blizzard warning, and the snow is really coming down now! The picture above does no justice to what it is actually doing outside! It is nasty outside and my 4 year old son really wants to go out and play. I think the snow is about up to his chest right now, lol, not sure how he is going to “play” or “sled” in this, but I guess I’ve got to let him try.

It is March 14, 2017 and I can’t believe the weather we are having. I think it has decided to catch us up from having a mild winter last year. Haha I hate winter and I hate snow, so why do I live in New York? Right? Well, my family is here and this is where I grew up. If my family was somewhere else, then I would be too.

Of course the kids are home, schools are closed, roads are closed, county offices, and believe it or not the postal service has actually shut down today as well. This has not happened in more than 20 years!

Preparing for a Blizzard

I started early this morning. Cleaning up the house. Catching up on laundry, making sure all the dishes are cleaned and put away. Extra blankets dug out, candles gathered and new batteries in the lanterns. Cellphone and extra battery case charged. Tablets for the kids charged, they can still play some games without wifi and laptop is charged for at least 1 movie to be watched on battery. We have a propane stove so I can still cook, big plus! Also works well for a little added heat if the power goes out. List made of things to do with the kids if the power goes out because my son hates it when the power goes out even during the day. He says it’s scary no matter what, so I try to keep him busy with reading stories, playing games, building with lego’s, etc.

What do you do when your power goes out? Leave it in the comments! Always looking for more ideas.

As I’m writing this post, the storm is actually getting worse by the minute! I hope the worst of it is over soon!

Stay safe everyone in the Northeast and for everyone else, especially if you are somewhere warm and sunny, enjoy it.

Why Failure Is Sometimes Good

So why do I say failure is sometimes good?

Let me explain.

We try and we try. We get frustration when something is not working the way we thought it would. Most of the time this leads to failure, or so we think.

What we need to learn is that success that is truly successful, takes time. It does not happen overnight! For example, a blogger like myself, might get one good hit and have a post go viral. Does this mean I am an instant success? No it does not. I will have to continue to work hard, figure out what I did to make that post go viral. This is called the learning process of becoming successful. Then I can do it again and again.

A continued success is gradual. It comes from learning, determination, trial and error, and yes, failure.

Failure can be a good thing as long as you don’t give up because you failed once. Failing at something shows you are trying. And trying again shows determination.

Using failure to your advantage

You might ask, but how can I use failure to my advantage? I failed. No, that is not the case. You failed using that approach or strategy, make note of it and try a different approach. Continue to do this until you find the one that works for you, your business, your relationship, whatever it is that you are working on.

When we make mistakes, we learn from them, it is that simple. It is how we respond to those mistakes that make all the difference in whether we succeed or fail.

Failing can make you a better person. You don’t say, really? Yes, if you use your failure in the right way. It builds character, it helps build better relationships because you’ve already “been there”. You learn to communicate in a different way.

And last but surely not least, use failure as a learning device or “tool”. This can help get you on the right track too!

I have felt like I have failed many times over! Relationships, marriage, business and so many other things. However, I don’t give up! I just try harder the next time with different approaches, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.

What do you feel like you have failed at? Are there different strategies or approaches you use when one doesn’t work?

My Style Dream Home On A Budget

Everyone has a dream home and style they love and dream about. I live on a budget, and I might as well face it, I probably always will. But I’m fine with it. As long as I can support my kids and be happy, I’m good with that.

So what is my style dream home?

Well, I just love rustic country charm! It is so cozy and gives you that relaxed comfortable feelin’.  I like to be warm and snuggled in, so small is just fine. I love to be surrounded by my children and to me the kitchen has always been the “heart” of the home. Another favorite for me is a big old claw foot tub! When I’m cold or sore, I just love to sink into a big tub of hot water with some bath salts.

Nature is awesome, the trickling sound of water is amazing and I believe that sunlight is nature’s vitamins! I have a love for black bears (just not in person) and a love for handmade home decor. I love the smell of a wood fire burning and something baking in the oven.

Think about these for a minute and you could probably already picture my style home.

Yes! A small rustic style open space cabin in the woods (not too far from a small town though, I do like people too), near a stream, with a good kitchen and a bathroom big enough to hold a claw foot tub and the rest of the cabin could be just one big room. Lot’s of outdoor space for the kids to play and for gardens to grow!

Here it is, my style dream home:

My Style Dream HomeFamily Living Space Kitchen Area Bath with Claw Foot Tub Sleeping Area for the KidsOf course this is not exact, but you get the concept of what I’d love in my style dream home on a budget.

So how does a person with children live in a small space and on a budget?

Organization is key 1 and shopping around for deals is key 2! And I’ll pat myself on the back, I’m good at both. Haha I love things that can be “put” away but I also want to know I’m getting a good deal for my money. I would much rather DIY everything, but all that takes times and just have to have some things to get by with.

A futon, it can be a couch by day, a bed by night.

A wall desk, that folds up to the wall when not in use. So many varieties to fit any style home and save space! A must if you work online like I do.

A kitchen table meant for small spaces and with extra storage.

Storage cubes and/or bins are great for organizing. So many uses for these! Clothes, blankets, toys, and the list goes on! Great for organizing just about everything!

Storage ottomans have many uses in one piece of furniture. You can use it as a coffee table, a foot stool and store things in too!

Skinny Pantry, perfect for canned goods and spices! Fits alongside the fridge to use space that most wouldn’t think to use!

Bathroom door storage for small bathrooms.

These are just a few of the 100’s of different items available for living in small spaces. Amazon (my most favorite place to shop because you can always find good deals), has thousands of different styles for any style home!

What do you think of my style dream home on a budget? What is your style dream home? Do you live on a budget?