Quiet Sunday Morning

It is a quiet Sunday morning here. Fresh cup of coffee, laptop, and blog. Yesterday the snow was coming down like crazy, today, rain to wash it away. What the heck? Gotta love living in Upstate New York! I have worked very hard over the past week too, well, pretty much rebuild my entire blog. I have added a store with not too many products yet, but there will be! I’m very excited to see where this journey takes me, as I have invested some money to get this off the ground and even learned to do most of … Continue reading

Making Money with Swagbucks, Extra Cash

Making money with Swagbucks is a real way to earn some extra cash! I know hundreds of people who make a ton of money with Swagbucks, however I am not one of them. Do I like Swagbucks? Absolutely, I love it actually! I just don’t have hours to spend on the site everyday. I have been a member of Swagbucks since 2011 and have earned around $800 total. Most of that, in the last couple of years while only spending about an hour, 3 or 4 days a week, on the site. I have recently realized though, that if … Continue reading

Changing the Blog A Bit

Changing the Blog I’m changing the blog a bit, my story wasn’t really working for me. I want it to be fun and entertaining, not depressing. My story is just that. When I had the idea to write it, I was thinking it would help me. Well I quickly realized it was actually having the reverse affect! Now I’m going to focus more on the things I like to do. How I want my life to be and stuff that make me happy, not depressed. I have mentioned before that I have many interests, and boy do I ever! … Continue reading

Handmade Items, Another Way to Make Extra Money

Etsy, for selling handmade items, another way to make extra money. Do you have a hobby that you love? Are you really good at making things with your hands? Etsy is a place to sell handmade items. You can set up a store to sell anything you have hand made. I love making soaps, sugar scrubs, bath salts, and more. Others things I like to do are painting, making things that look rustic or country, and writing. I actually have many interests, and always have trouble deciding what I want to work that day. Not only is it fun … Continue reading