Ornament Wreath – How To Make One

  How to make an ornament wreath. I’ve seen these all over Pinterest and have wanted to find the time to make one. Did they really look as nice as the pictures? Well, I finally found the time to gather materials and make one. And guess what? I love how it turned out! Materials needed: wire coat hanger (note to self and you, try to use one that is not so heavy duty, as it is hard to shape and bend together once you have all the ornaments on.) pair of pliers lots of ornaments, your choice of sizes, … Continue reading

Christmas Craziness, Here it Comes!!

Who is ready for all the Christmas Craziness? I love, love, love Christmas!! Baking, decorating, wrapping gifts, shopping for everyone (although I don’t much care for shopping in store anymore, will explain in a bit), etc. My most favorite thing about Christmas is watching the kids open their presents, seeing their eyes light up and hear the excitement in their voices! It has become quite busy for me suddenly as I have taken to making some of my Christmas decor myself. I will be sharing a post showing a wreath I made soon. And am now working on another … Continue reading

Selling No Longer Needed Stuff on Ebay

Another way I make extra money is by selling no longer needed stuff on Ebay. As long as things you decide to sell are in good to new condition, you can make a little cash here. I usually sell clothes the children have outgrown (name brand usually brings a higher bid), as long as there are no stains or holes, etc., clothes I no longer want or have upgraded, even stuff I find very cheap at thrift stores or on clearance. You can also sell household items you no longer need or want. You just gotta know when to … Continue reading

Staying Within Your Budget Around the Holidays

Staying Within Your Budget It can be very, very hard to stay on budget around the holidays! I have this problem every holiday season as I’ve always lived on a budget. There are a few things I do to help myself stay within my budget, they include: Making a list of everyone I need to buy gifts for. Then I reorder the list from low to high in the amount I plan to spend for each given person. This gives me a total of money needed for the holiday season and a challenge to stick to that. I listen … Continue reading