The Holiday Season is Upon Us!

The holiday season is upon us, what do you like to do for the holidays? Do you have traditions you follow each year? I very much dislike the winter months, but I do love the holidays. I know that doesn’t make much sense, but I really don’t like the cold and I live in New York. Lol Winter can be short and disappear after the New Year for me. Continue reading

What is Your Favorite Holiday?

What is your favorite holiday? Mine is most definitely Christmas! I love giving and I love seeing the kids eyes light up Christmas morning when they see that Santa had been there. And I really like to decorate for the holidays. However, living on a budget and making sure to get the kids get what they want from Santa, sure makes it hard to pay for all those pricey decorations. There is where DIY holiday decor comes in for me, I love getting ideas for decorations I can make myself from Pinterest! Pinterest is my go to site for … Continue reading

My Ideas when it comes to Home Decor

Always having lived on a tight budget, I wanted to find ideas to still make my home cozy and comfortable. This is now where Pinterest comes in me! I love, love, love Pinterest, you can find me at, . I have recently joined Google+ as well. I will soon start sharing the ideas I find for DIY home decor that I love. I hope that you will love them too! Continue reading

Swagbucks to Earn Extra Cash

Making Extra Money I use Swagbucks to earn extra cash, wanna join me?  Swagbucks is my go to site everyday to earn money. No need to spend hours on the site, there are things you can do to earn swagbucks on a daily basis. I earn gift cards and cash, so can you! Excellent way to earn a little extra money. Take a minute to check it out, most definitely worth it. Here is a link to get started right away! Continue reading