Things Remembered Mother’s Day Sale!

Things Remembered Sale

Things Remembered is a wonderful store with gifts that can be personalized for every occasion. Check out my board on Mavenx to see some of the amazing products available for Mother’s Day. Today, I bring to you a special Promo Code to use now through Mother’s Day, May 14th, 2017. This promo code, A159, will get you an additional 20% off and free shipping! So hurry over to Things Remembered to get your Mom a memorable gift that she will cherish forever! There are many reasonable priced items and sale priced items too, use the code above to get … Continue reading

Movie Day with Mom on Mother’s Day

Movie Day with Mom

For me, Mother’s Day isn’t about the gifts I’ll receive from my children. It is about being shown appreciation for everything I’ve ever done for my children. Whether it was something as small as a kiss on a “boo-boo”, teaching them how to ride a bike, or as big as raising them to the amazing adults they have become today. I don’t need fancy gifts, what I need is time. Time to have a cup of coffee, time to share a conversation, time to sit down with a big bowl of popcorn or a container of chocolate brownie ice … Continue reading

Coffee Lovers, What’s Your Go To Coffee?

Coffee Lover's

Give me coffee! And I know I’m not the only coffee lover out there! Haha I love many different coffees! Whether it is brands, varieties, styles, etc., I’ve got to have it! I love mine with French Vanilla Coffee-mate Creamer, this is my go to coffee every morning, I just can’t start my day without it! Literally! I am NOT a nice person until I’ve had my first cup every morning! Haha I love a good Vanilla Cappuccino too! And when I’m out and about I just gotta have a good Caramel Frappe! And every fall, I must have … Continue reading

I Never Pay Full Price For My Kids Clothing! Find Out How!

Never Pay Full Price

I never pay full price for kids clothing and I make money while doing so! How is that even possible your probably wondering? Read on and I will tell you how! I live on a tight budget, not just a tight budget, but a very small tight budget. I still have to provide for my children and I still want them to have things that other kids have and to be able to be in style if they wish. I’ve become a very savvy shopper! I do on occasion shop at thrift stores, who doesn’t? But only if what … Continue reading