Upstate New York, Blizzard Warning For Today

Upstate New York Blizzard

 Blizzard Warning and How I’m Preparing As I write this post, I pray the power doesn’t go out. I am in Upstate New York, under a Blizzard warning, and the snow is really coming down now! The picture above does no justice to what it is actually doing outside! It is nasty outside and my 4 year old son really wants to go out and play. I think the snow is about up to his chest right now, lol, not sure how he is going to “play” or “sled” in this, but I guess I’ve got to let him … Continue reading

Something Needs Fixing…Quote

Something Needs Fixing...Quote“Something needs fixing….”

This quote was written due to a broken relation where the other person did not take my feelings to heart.

As always, please feel free to share any of my quotes. Just save the image to your computer and share anywhere!


Why Failure Is Sometimes Good

Why Failure is Sometimes Good

So why do I say failure is sometimes good? Let me explain. We try and we try. We get frustration when something is not working the way we thought it would. Most of the time this leads to failure, or so we think. What we need to learn is that success that is truly successful, takes time. It does not happen overnight! For example, a blogger like myself, might get one good hit and have a post go viral. Does this mean I am an instant success? No it does not. I will have to continue to work hard, … Continue reading

Let Children Be… Quote

Let Children Be... QuoteI wrote this quote based on our society today. I feel there is so much competition and pushing children to learn so quickly nowadays that children do not have adequate time to learn through playing and having misadventures.

I remember so many things as a child just by playing, exploring and going on adventures. I don’t think people realize just how much children learn from just being able to play.

Let’s let our children be children!