Resource List

The top resources I use to keep my blog up and running are listed below. I do recommend whether you are starting up a blog of your own or just looking for additional ideas on monetizing your blog. There are resources for both, setting up your blog and resources for monetizing your blog. I have personally used all these resources on my blog and still using most of them now.

  1. Unlimited web hosting, Bluehost. They always have some kind of special offer going on! Click on Bluehost to get started today! Why not start a blog for as little start-up cost as possible?
  2. Then you need a blogging platform such as WordPress. This can now be installed for free. Follow directions from your new Bluehost account. Set up can be very easy as long as you follow the step by step instructions. Now have fun designing!
  3. I use Canva, Pixlr, Pexels, etc. for a lot of image stuff for my blog. I use all the free versions right now and so can you! No affiliate links here, these are all free services I use so I’m passing them on to you! *You can buy better versions of some if you want.
  4. Ko-fi is kinda neat, just put a button on your page, and if someone likes you and wants to support your page, they can “Buy you a Coffee.” I have a button on my header, check it out on the homepage.
  5. Affiliate Marketing for monetizing your size is great too! It doesn’t hurt to start early. I use ShareASale, Rakuten,( used to be LinkShare) and I am an Amazon Associate. There are many more too!
  6. And last, I use my iPhone, and my HP laptop right now. I do want more equipment like an awesome camera, but that will have to wait!

*This page contains affiliate links and I may get compensated a few dollars for your purchase with no additional cost to you. Thanks!

I love the blogging world and I hope you do too!

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