How to Make Alcoholic Ice-Pops for Adults

How to Make Alcoholic Ice-Pops for Adults

Here’s a fun idea I thought I’d share, how to make alcoholic ice-pops for adults. Great for parties, bbq’s, camping, any kind of adult fun!

So fun to make, share, & enjoy on a hot summer day!

Did you know you can buy supplies to make your own ice-pops? Me either, but I found them on Amazon! I love these and with Spring just around the corner, I’ve been trying to come up with ways to save money this summer on these we tend to buy a lot of during the warmer months.

I have bought alcoholic ice-pops at the liquor store and while they are yummy and refreshing, they can be quite pricey. Another plus to making your own is you can use your own recipe or favorite drink and turn it into a cool ice-pop!

I found many awesome frozen alcoholic recipes on Yummly! (These are the ones I’m going to make.) They look yummy right?

After you have an idea on what you want to make all you need besides your ingredients is this one kit.

I chose this one because it comes with a free funnel for easy filling! You don’t have to purchase it separately and you can continue to use the funnel again and again.

How to Make Alcoholic Ice-Pops

  1. Gather ingredients for your favorite drink
  2. Mix according to directions
  3. Using funnel, pour into ice-pop bags, leaving room for expansion, seal tightly
  4. Freeze

*2 things to remember when making these:

  • They are intended for ages 21+
  • Keep them separate from any ice-pops that are for the children!