5 Sites I Get Products From To Review For Free

5 Sites to Review ProductsI love to review products, especially when I get them for free! Do you like reviewing new products?

Have you ever overheard a conversation where people are talking about a “new product” and been able to say, “Hey, I just tried that product.” Their like, “But how, it’s not even out to the public yet?” Or, “Already? What do you do, go out and buy stuff that is new just to be the one first one to try it?” I just giggle a bit and tell them about the site I joined to review products for free, depending on which site I got that particular item they are talking about.

The comments are ALWAYS like, “I want to join!” or “That’s so cool.” I even get, “So then, is it any good?” “Tell us what you have learned about this product then. I want to know if I should buy it or not.” And more questions come.

These are fun and exciting times, especially with friends and family members! I also always try to carry the coupons with me that may have come with the product, this really helps in getting others to try the products too, especially if you liked that product. I’ve shared the sites with others through social media as well. Some have joined, some have not.

I love that I can influence others with my reviews of products and let them know if it was a good product, or not.

5 Sites I use to Get free Products to Review

Some of these sites have way more offers than others. Some you get products from a lot! Others, only once in awhile. For example, right now, I’m reviewing 2 different products for BzzAgent. I just had a sample box I reviewed last week from PINCHMe, and I’m being considered for HouseParty right now. Let’s hope I get it! I just signed up for Daily Goodie box, so nothing from them just yet and Smiley 360 is an old favorite that I haven’t worked with in a couple years. I had kinda forgotten about them, and let them slide while I was earning my degree, so I just re-signed up with them. I do remember reviewing many products for them before I was even a blogger.

Be sure to always give honest feedback! If you don’t like a product, that’s ok, not everyone will always like everything. Make sure you always follow up with whatever agreement you have made with the site for reviewing the products. These tips will get you more products to review.

Use the links above to check the sites out for yourself and to get more information. Review products today!

Do you use any of these sites? If yes, which ones? If no, what ones are you going to try?

The Why’s Behind My Blog

Why's Behind My Blog Why do I blog?

There are millions of blogs and bloggers out there already. I know, I did my research, but I still wanted to be a “blogger”. Maybe its the word, “Blogger”. I love the word! Crazy, right?

For a long time, I have wanted to blog, years in fact! How about you? I thought about it, dreamed about it, how mine could be different or “the one”. Haha


One day, I realized the reason I wanted to start a blog was to have a place to write, simple as that, so I bought my hosting through Bluehost, set up through WordPress, and started my blog! A place where I could write about anything my little heart desired. I knew that I had knowledge of many different areas that I could share as well. That’s why I started a blog. If I only help one person with an idea or teach one person how to make that budget stretch, or made one friend who really understands me as a person, then I’ve done what I started out to do.

Why I BlogWhy?

I blog for me because I love to write. Because I love to share things with others, but most of all I blog in the hopes to make enough money to support my kids. Sharing from my heart and sharing what I know is a way for me to do that.

You see, I have depression and anxiety, it doesn’t help that I am an introvert as well. My depression is not so good right now and that makes anything and everything set off the anxiety. Even being content sitting at home doing everything I possibly can online, from shopping to making money. I still get anxious over so many things!


Writing is my way out, my way of “talking” and “connecting” with others. Another great reason for blogging for me. I truly do want to connect with people, being an introvert doesn’t mean I don’t want true friends, it just means it hard for me to take that first step towards a person for fear of rejection. (I have faced this all my life, my “friends” have always been my partner’s friends. Not my real friends, people who like me for me.) A friend who calls you up to go out for a cup of coffee or who wants to talk about life’s ups and downs.  And as an adult or a mommy, it is even harder to make friends.

Do you blog? If so, what is your reason behind your blog?

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Social Media Rants for New Bloggers!

Social Media Rants for New Bloggers

What we’re all thinking as new bloggers.

I’m sure I’m not alone in my frustration when it comes to social media for new bloggers.

I have shared my business page, At Home Feelin’ everywhere I can think of, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.  I have joined many blogging groups and followed all the threads, adding my page to the specific thread of the day. I’ve added my new posts to the daily posts threads for specific things, liking getting others to follow you or subscribe to your blog.

Now to be very clear, I don’t mind this. Actually I love this! I also love finding blogs to follow as I’m sharing my own. Somewhere out there is someone who is really going to like my blog post for real. I know someone may like it so much they actually share it with their friends or subscribe to it. See this is not the problem, I don’t mind doing the work to get my blog noticed.

The problem or problems I have is what others are doing to get likes or to get people to subscribe or follow them. Here is a small list of my social media rants:

  • Liking the comment, but not liking the page.
  • Liking the page then un-liking an hour, day, or week later, just to get likes for yourself.
  • Saying you followed on Twitter or Pinterest, but didn’t really do it.
  • Saying you subscribed, but didn’t really or never confirming that “subscribe”, just to get subscribers of your own.

As a new blogger, it is hard enough to get noticed without someone giving us an “up”, then a big “down” when we realize our likes went back down or we really don’t have any new subscribers, etc.

If you are a developed blogger, remember, you were once where us new bloggers, are today.

So here are my personal thoughts and opinions:

  • Don’t like a page just to get a like for your own if your going to un-like it in the very near future.
  • Don’t like a page if you don’t really like it or have an interest in it.
  • Take the extra minute to like a comment on a post of interest to you.
  • Find your niche and try to follow and share back and forth for each other to help you all get noticed by others friends.
  • Re-pin from your follows on Pinterest, it helps get them seen.
  • Don’t subscribe to their blog if you don’t really like their “thing”, this isn’t going to get them page views because let’s face it, your never going to look at it again.

Blogging Groups on Facebook

There are a ton of blogging groups on Facebook, I quickly learned. I also learned that not very many actually “work” with you. What I mean is, I have seen hundreds of posts shared in some of the groups without even 1 like or comment. So, how is this helping you? It’s not. Why waste your time? Find groups of your own niche where the subscribers actually like what you are sharing.

I have found a few groups that I love and you will too. Just a word of advice, if you join a group and your not getting or giving anything from it or too it, let it go and find one that you can actually interact with.

*Please do not take offense to this post, as I don’t mean everyone does this. These are just some things that have been happening to me and it gets frustrating for a new blogger.

Anyone else have social media rants? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

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