DIY Delicious Caramel Frappes at Home!

DIY Caramel FrappeI LOVE Caramel Frappes! Every chance I get when I’m away from home, I buy one.

Being frugal, I got to thinking. By now there are probably thousands of copycat recipes on Pinterest! So I searched and sure enough I was right.

I tried a couple, and they were good. However, I wanted to be able to make it a bit quicker. So I decided to come up with my own recipe. And now I can enjoy them whenever I want and the best part, they are ever so yummy!

Instead of making fresh coffee and having to wait for it every time I wanted a caramel frappe, I decided to make ahead some strong coffee and freeze it in ice cube trays.

Your coffee flavor doesn’t get watered down when you add ice because the coffee is the ice!

I use my Keurig to make my coffee. I made a cup of coffee using the small cup setting. This makes a stronger cup of coffee. Then I pour it in the ice cube tray and freeze it. It doesn’t fill the tray but it is perfect size to make a great flavored caramel frappe.

I make a few trays ahead when I have time and pour each one, once frozen, into it’s own sandwich bag and throw it back in the freezer. Perfect portions is what I like to call them.

When I want a frappe I take out a bag, pour it in the blender, add 1/2 cup of milk, 2 tsp. sugar, 2 tbsp. caramel syrup and blend until smooth. Sometimes, I’m not sure why, but I have to add another 1/4 cup of milk so it’s not too thick.

Most of the ingredients depends on how sweet you like your frappes. I don’t like overly sweet but I DO want the caramel flavor. After all, it’s not a caramel frappe if you can’t taste the caramel, right?


  • 8 Coffee Ice Cubes (Approx.)
  • 1/2 – 3/4 Cup Milk
  • 2 tsp. Sugar
  • 3-4 tbsp. Caramel Syrup (Divided) (Brand of your choice)
  • Whipped Topping (Optional)

Blend coffee cubes and 1/2 cup of milk in blender until smooth. Add 1/4 cup more milk depending on consistency,  2 tsp. sugar and 2 tbsp. caramel syrup. Blend again until creamy.

Pour into your favorite cup, add whipped topping if desired and swirl on the caramel syrup.

Enjoy your Caramel Frappes!



Coffee Lovers, What’s Your Go To Coffee?

Coffee Lover'sGive me coffee! And I know I’m not the only coffee lover out there! Haha

I love many different coffees! Whether it is brands, varieties, styles, etc., I’ve got to have it!

I love mine with French Vanilla Coffee-mate Creamer, this is my go to coffee every morning, I just can’t start my day without it! Literally! I am NOT a nice person until I’ve had my first cup every morning! Haha

I love a good Vanilla Cappuccino too! And when I’m out and about I just gotta have a good Caramel Frappe! And every fall, I must have the Pumpkin Spice! See? I told you I love coffee. How much do you love your coffee?

100% Columbian is the best for a medium, rich cup of coffee. I don’t like weak coffee, I need to be able to taste and smell that rich aroma scent! My favorite 100% Columbian coffee is the Folger’s brand, but recently, while trying to cut back a bit more, I tried the Great Value brand of 100% Columbian, and to my surprise it is pretty good too!

Morning CoffeeI decided to try a sample pack of 3, that you can get at Wal-Mart for $1. That’s when I realized they were pretty good and my budget would be happy with the price difference. Here is a price break down comparing the Folger’s Columbian K-Cups and the Great Value Columbian K-Cups.

Folger’s 48 K-cups:  $.61 per cup at Wal-Mart or $.53 per cup at Amazon.

Great Value 48 K-cups: $.33 per cup at Wal-Mart.

The difference is almost half the cost! I’ll take that savings!

Now, I love coffee so much that I have tried countless flavors of coffee. Ya know, like the holiday flavors or variety packs and such (I ask for these as Christmas gifts). Some are awesome, some are ok, but other’s are just plain horrible!

I have a regular Black & Decker coffee maker and I have my Keurig. My Keurig is the best  non-personal Christmas gift I have ever gotten without a doubt! With this awesome machine, I can try all these coffee’s one cup at a time (perfect when trying all these holiday flavors they seem to be coming out with as I mentioned earlier).

Yes, as you all probably know by now, I live on a budget, a very tight budget. However, coffee is my one and only splurge that I cannot live without! Oh, and the occasional bottle of wine. Haha, but this post is about coffee!

Coffee ShopAnyway, being on a budget is where my Keurig comes in. Have you ever thought about how much you spend on a daily cup of coffee you grab on your way to work everyday at your local coffee shop? I bet it’s more than $1 a day and that’s low balling it, I’m sure! I know I pay like what, $2 for a Frappe at BK or McDonald’s? And that’s just a fast food joint!

Back to the Keurig. Even when buying a more expensive brand, I can make a good cup of java for less than $.65 a cup. So in all actuality I’m saving money by using my Keurig. Quality Coffee Shop coffee’s for a fraction of the price!

Do you have a go to coffee or a favorite coffee? Do you own a Keurig or Single Serve Coffee Maker (I know other companies make them now too)? But I’m on year six, I believe, with my Keurig, and it’s still going strong, so I have a lot of faith in the Keurig brand!

And now there are some pretty awesome colors to choose from! When I got mine as a gift, it was when they first came out, so there was only black and I think silver. And so many new versions, some of the new ones are pretty awesome!

If there was “K-Cup” subscription service, I would probably ask for that as a gift too. Haha I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them for regular coffee, so why not for K-Cups, right?

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