5 Sites I Get Products From To Review For Free

5 Sites to Review ProductsI love to review products, especially when I get them for free! Do you like reviewing new products?

Have you ever overheard a conversation where people are talking about a “new product” and been able to say, “Hey, I just tried that product.” Their like, “But how, it’s not even out to the public yet?” Or, “Already? What do you do, go out and buy stuff that is new just to be the one first one to try it?” I just giggle a bit and tell them about the site I joined to review products for free, depending on which site I got that particular item they are talking about.

The comments are ALWAYS like, “I want to join!” or “That’s so cool.” I even get, “So then, is it any good?” “Tell us what you have learned about this product then. I want to know if I should buy it or not.” And more questions come.

These are fun and exciting times, especially with friends and family members! I also always try to carry the coupons with me that may have come with the product, this really helps in getting others to try the products too, especially if you liked that product. I’ve shared the sites with others through social media as well. Some have joined, some have not.

I love that I can influence others with my reviews of products and let them know if it was a good product, or not.

5 Sites I use to Get free Products to Review

Some of these sites have way more offers than others. Some you get products from a lot! Others, only once in awhile. For example, right now, I’m reviewing 2 different products for BzzAgent. I just had a sample box I reviewed last week from PINCHMe, and I’m being considered for HouseParty right now. Let’s hope I get it! I just signed up for Daily Goodie box, so nothing from them just yet and Smiley 360 is an old favorite that I haven’t worked with in a couple years. I had kinda forgotten about them, and let them slide while I was earning my degree, so I just re-signed up with them. I do remember reviewing many products for them before I was even a blogger.

Be sure to always give honest feedback! If you don’t like a product, that’s ok, not everyone will always like everything. Make sure you always follow up with whatever agreement you have made with the site for reviewing the products. These tips will get you more products to review.

Use the links above to check the sites out for yourself and to get more information. Review products today!

Do you use any of these sites? If yes, which ones? If no, what ones are you going to try?

6 Places to Get Free Samples & Products

Places to Get Free SamplesI love getting free samples for new products to try before I actually go out and buy the product. Saves a ton of money on buying a product you or your family may or may not like. This really helps when you live on a budget like I do. And I’m kinda happy to get full size products for free too! Wanna learn how? It’s super easy! No gimmicks, just simply free. Of course, some of these you have to qualify for which I will explain below.

I have made a list of 6 places for you to join me in getting free samples and some full size products.

  1. Betty Crocker. If you sign up here you can get a free product every month. So far, it has always been a full size product or coupon for free product. You MUST check every email from them because you never know when its going to pop up. TIP: It doesn’t tell you in the subject line. Quantities are limited so you don’t always get it. I get mine most of the time though, now that I know to check their emails.
  2. Pillsbury. Same as above. Didn’t product though but same concept.
  3. House Party. I love this one too! When you sign up for this one, you see the available parties you can apply to be a part of. If excepted as a host, you have to agree to the rules and have an actual party inviting friends and family to participate and to share your party box with, but it can be so much fun!
  4. PINCHme. One Tuesday per month, at noon, they do a sample box. You must set up and an account and fill out the questionnaire and check in every so often to see if there are new qualifying questions to stay up to date. You won’t always get samples, sometimes only one or two, other times a whole box! Depends on what they have and what your profile fits. I usually get 2-4 samples a month. These also go quick, so don’t forget to log in on the day and time the email says. You can also follow them on a number of social media accounts to help with reminders.
  5. BzzAgent. For this one if you set up an account and fill out the surveys, you will get full size products in exchange for honest product reviews. The more you participate, the higher your buzz score, the better chance you have of getting products that fit your questions and surveys!
  6. Influenster. This one i another one for reviewing products. You get the product and give a review. Just like the rest though, you have to participate and qualify by answering questions. Of course, I can understand this, they can’t just go giving free products to everyone!

What do you think, are you ready to get free samples and/or products? Are you already a member of any of these? If yes, aren’t they awesome! Let me know in the comments and if you like this post, please don’t forget to subscribe for much more to come!