My Style Dream Home On A Budget

Everyone has a dream home and style they love and dream about. I live on a budget, and I might as well face it, I probably always will. But I’m fine with it. As long as I can support my kids and be happy, I’m good with that.

So what is my style dream home?

Well, I just love rustic country charm! It is so cozy and gives you that relaxed comfortable feelin’.  I like to be warm and snuggled in, so small is just fine. I love to be surrounded by my children and to me the kitchen has always been the “heart” of the home. Another favorite for me is a big old claw foot tub! When I’m cold or sore, I just love to sink into a big tub of hot water with some bath salts.

Nature is awesome, the trickling sound of water is amazing and I believe that sunlight is nature’s vitamins! I have a love for black bears (just not in person) and a love for handmade home decor. I love the smell of a wood fire burning and something baking in the oven.

Think about these for a minute and you could probably already picture my style home.

Yes! A small rustic style open space cabin in the woods (not too far from a small town though, I do like people too), near a stream, with a good kitchen and a bathroom big enough to hold a claw foot tub and the rest of the cabin could be just one big room. Lot’s of outdoor space for the kids to play and for gardens to grow!

Here it is, my style dream home:

My Style Dream HomeFamily Living Space Kitchen Area Bath with Claw Foot Tub Sleeping Area for the KidsOf course this is not exact, but you get the concept of what I’d love in my style dream home on a budget.

So how does a person with children live in a small space and on a budget?

Organization is key 1 and shopping around for deals is key 2! And I’ll pat myself on the back, I’m good at both. Haha I love things that can be “put” away but I also want to know I’m getting a good deal for my money. I would much rather DIY everything, but all that takes times and just have to have some things to get by with.

A futon, it can be a couch by day, a bed by night.

A wall desk, that folds up to the wall when not in use. So many varieties to fit any style home and save space! A must if you work online like I do.

A kitchen table meant for small spaces and with extra storage.

Storage cubes and/or bins are great for organizing. So many uses for these! Clothes, blankets, toys, and the list goes on! Great for organizing just about everything!

Storage ottomans have many uses in one piece of furniture. You can use it as a coffee table, a foot stool and store things in too!

Skinny Pantry, perfect for canned goods and spices! Fits alongside the fridge to use space that most wouldn’t think to use!

Bathroom door storage for small bathrooms.

These are just a few of the 100’s of different items available for living in small spaces. Amazon (my most favorite place to shop because you can always find good deals), has thousands of different styles for any style home!

What do you think of my style dream home on a budget? What is your style dream home? Do you live on a budget?





Family Fun Night from the Dollar Tree

Family Fun NightFamily Fun Night On A Budget

Having money in the budget for family fun isn’t always possible. Whether you live paycheck to paycheck, live on a small budget, are a single parent, or just going through a rough patch, sometimes the extra money to go to a movie or out to dinner just isn’t there.

But we all know how important our family is. They are the ones we love, the ones who are always there for us. And probably the reason we have tight budgets. haha Whether you have a large family or it’s just the “two or three of you”, the Dollar Tree makes it possible to still have a Family Fun Night.

Start digging up that loose change, or those few dollars you have stashed away for a rainy day, because you can show your family a little fun and forget about the daily stresses of life for at least one night.

The Dollar Tree has everything for $1 or less!

  • Snacks
  • Drinks
  • Popcorn
  • Paper Products
  • Cards
  • Games
  • And so much more!!!!

Depending on what you have to spend for your Family Fun Night, you can decide, with your family, of course, what the Family Fun Night will include!

Or, better yet (I think, because I love to surprise my kids), if you want to surprise them with a Family Fun Night, just wing it, you’ll know what you want and what you can afford! Link below to help you figure out how to plan your night!

Make your next Fun Night a success without breaking the bank at


Mommy Needs To Wine Too!

Mommy Needs To Wine Too!Mommy Needs To Wine Too

Mommy needs wine! Ok, So we don’t need to whine, well, maybe sometimes we do, just a little.  Or maybe a lot. haha But mommy needs to DRINK wine sometimes too. Ever have one of those days where you just want to get the kids to bed, have 5 minutes of quiet and drop on the couch with a good book and a glass of wine? No need to actually answer, I already know the feelin’.

We rewards the kids for being good right? So, shouldn’t we get rewarded for not going absolutely crazy some days?

If you’re mommy I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. I know, not everyone likes wine or drinks wine, but you get the drift anyway. Mommies need time too and how often do we get it? If your anything like me, not very often! Very rarely is probably a better way to put it.

I’m not of those people who have to have an expensive wine, after all I do live on a tight budget, but I do want a good tasting wine every now and then. One of my favorite wines is Barefoot Bubbly California Pink Moscato. While looking for this specific wine I found a couple of others I want to try too.

And I DO love a good glass of wine on occasion, well probably more than that, I just can’t afford it or when I can, I don’t get a chance to get out to get a bottle. So out of curiosity, I googled where to buy wine online. And guess what? You can buy wine online, even from Amazon!

Yes, your probably all laughing really hard right now, and that’s ok, everyone needs a good laugh too. I honestly did not know you could buy alcoholic beverages online.

However, depending on where you live, this may not be an option for you, but I checked it out and I can order wine online! Depending on the state you reside it, then in some states, it also depends on the county you live in. How crazy is that?

Now, I’m off to buy some wine online because when mommy needs to wine, she needs to have some in stock! Mama’s reward for staying sane. Any other mommies out there enjoy wine to relax on occasion? Can you buy wine online in your state and county?

Here is a list of Amazon Wine States.

Tax Time Is Here, Love it or Hate it?

Tax Time Tax Time is Here!

Who else hates tax time besides me? Or do you love it? All that paperwork, yuck! Well, here it comes, January 23rd to be exact, is the start date for filing. I know there is a ton of things you can do to keep organized for tax time and actually I used to be one of them. I’ve done many tax preparations for many people throughout the years. I’ve done the simple easy returns to the full-blown business returns, absolutely terrible when the person does not keep things organized (Hi Dad, lol).

I have not done taxes in a couple of years due to a divorce and not having any of my own income. I just hope this is the year that I finally an income of my own again. Starting a blog and an online business, I have already started saving receipts and trying to stay organized.

I use one credit card for all my business purchases, I’m sure that will help. And I saw Quicken Home and Business 2017 on Amazon. Looks like a great way to keep track of all of it in one place!

Some people actually look forward to a refund during the tax season, I sure would like to be one of them. I can only hope, with keeping an organized business portfolio, that this will help with deductions and business expenses.

What are some ways you stay on top of things for tax time?


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