Crafted Candle Product Review

Crafted Candle Product ReviewCrafted Candle

I wanted to do a special product review  for Crafted Candle because these candles and wax melts are just amazing and deserve to get some mentions and notice!

I bought a Caramel Apple Pillar Candle and Jamaica Me Crazy Wax Melts for this review. Crafted Candle threw in a sample wax melt of Hawaiian Blast as well. There are so many scents to choose from, I’m sure you will find your favorite too!

Hawaiian Blast Wax Melt

So let me start by saying the scents are wonderful! One candle burning or just one wax melt in the pot is all you need for your entire house. I am on day 2 of the same wax melt and I can still smell it today. Of course, I turn it on and off throughout the day as needed.

Crafted Candle Wax Melt

The candles are crafted beautifully! The designs are awesome and they burn so nicely! Perfectly centered wick helps the candle to burn from the center out and they last a long time.

Caramel Apple Pillar Candle

Crafted Candle makes and sells Wax Melts, Molded Candles, Jar Candles and Pillars! The pillars come in all different shapes, designs, and sizes! You’ve got to check them out! For yourself or as a gift, Easter is just around the corner and Mother’s Day is not far off, why not surprise a loved one with a beautiful candle from Crafted Candle! You can also find them on Facebook, to stay up to date and get coupon codes!


Pop the Pig Game Review

Pop the Pig Game ReviewPop the Pig Game Review

My son has been having a blast with this game so I thought I’d do a product review for everyone. Pop the Pig is a game recommended for ages 4+ and 2-6 players. This game is a lot of fun, there is proof in the picture!

The object of the game is to feed the pig until his belly “pops”.

And when it does, cover your ears, because the kids squeal with laughter!

My son is 4 and he loves this game while learning in the process, plus for the parents. As I mentioned before, the recommended age is 4+, but this game is actually good for 2+ as long as there is adult supervision so the younger ones do not put the small pieces in their mouths. There are 4 colors and numbers 1-4. My son knew these at the age of 2. Now we count too.

Roll the dice, say the color and pick a “burger” of that color. Flip it over and read the number. Pop the “burger” into the pig’s mouth (why we need supervision for younger children. “If the pig can eat it, so can I”, they may think. NO NO), and press his head down that many times. His belly will grow until it POPS.

Overall this game is a blast and great for indoor fun, homeschooling, and rainy days. Grab one today and have some fun with your little ones! You won’t be disappointed.

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