Linqia – Review Products, Share your Posts, Get Compensated

Linqia LogoProduct Reviews for Compensation

I found another site that wants bloggers for product reviews! I have read nothing but good things about Lingia. Payout is within 10 days after campaign close via PayPal.

Get accepted for a campaign, do a product review, and get compensated! If you have a large following it sounds like you may make more money and get more campaigns as well. The more campaigns you do, the higher you perform, the more you make!

If you know anything about the Activate program through Bloglovin’, well, this is kind of the same thing, except your not sharing your entire blog on the site.

I’m still a small blog but I signed up anyway. Starting at the bottom and working my way up is fine with me. Linqia says you can expect to receive a campaign at least once a month.

Linqia also has a referral program! You can get a flat fee of $5 per referral if they are excepted and then 15% matched commission on their first campaign. Not bad for a referral!

I am starting at $.80 per click (per review). And so can you! What this means is, after I do a review post and share it via my social platforms, each time someone clicks the link they provide, in the post, I get $.80.

Start earning now.

Attention Bloggers & Friends!, A New Way to Earn!

Maven, A New Way to Earn!Maven, Clip, Share, Earn. A new way to earn!

A new way to earn through Simple, fun and NO cost to join!

The potential to earn is huge when sharing your “boards”through your social media platforms.

Share deals with your friends and family. Make boards of almost anything you want from the Maven retail network (which is huge!), from simple boards to high end boards, when someone buys from your board, you get a commission!

And fellow bloggers, you have the potential to earn even more! Refer, refer, refer!  Get them friends and other bloggers in your network to join through your link and start making some extra cash!

Create boards of products you love, products you know your followers will love and share them.

For more information and earning possibilities sign up at now!