Movie Day with Mom on Mother’s Day

Movie Day with MomFor me, Mother’s Day isn’t about the gifts I’ll receive from my children. It is about being shown appreciation for everything I’ve ever done for my children. Whether it was something as small as a kiss on a “boo-boo”, teaching them how to ride a bike, or as big as raising them to the amazing adults they have become today.

I don’t need fancy gifts, what I need is time. Time to have a cup of coffee, time to share a conversation, time to sit down with a big bowl of popcorn or a container of chocolate brownie ice cream (Yes, my fave!) and watch a good movie together, whether we laugh or cry together, as long as we do it together.

Just time, that’s all I need!

Life goes by so quickly and before you know it, your children are grown and are parents of their own. Why not make Mother’s Day that day that you take the time to just be close to her? Grab her favorite snacks, find a great movie and spend some quality time with your mom this Mother’s Day!

I have compiled a list of movies that would be great to share with your mom. Whether she likes comedy, drama, or even scary movies, you can find something you will both love in the list below! *Please note, some of these have strong language sexual content and more, so beware if you plan to have younger children watching with you.

11 Awesome Mother’s Day Movies:

Bad Moms – (Comedy) R *One of my favorites!

The Boss- (Comedy) R

Moms’ Night Out – (Family/Kids) PG

Single Moms Club – (Comedy/Drama) PG-13

Step Mom – (Drama) PG-13

Mother’s Day –  (Comedy/Drama) PG-13

Mothers and Daughters – (Drama) PG-13

The Meddler – (Comedy/Drama) PG-13

Grandma – (Drama/Comedy) R

Tammy – (Comedy) R

Mother’s Day – (Horror)  R *This is not my style, but I know there are other’s out there who love this stuff, I’m not one of them. Haha

You can find these movies through Amazon on DVD,  and many streaming services (Amazon included).  Right now you can get a 30 day trial membership for free and watch these movies through your membership!

These are just a few of the movies that I found to be perfect to share with mom on Mother’s Day. Do you know any other movies that would be great for Mother’s Day? Leave me a comment letting me know some other good movie titles to share!


Which Style Reader Are You?

Whats Your Style?        Which Style Reader Are You?

“Old Style – New Style”

I love both! Depending on where I’m at. Out, with time to kill, I’ll use an E-Reader. In, with some quiet time for myself, very rare, give me a paperback! I love to curl up with a good book. Who doesn’t, right?

I will however, always be a sucker for a good paperback. Not sure exactly what it is about reading from an actual book that makes it more enjoyable, but it just does, for me anyway. Possibly because I grew up with books, not technology.

For me there is nothing like curling up in a comfy chair, with a fuzzy blanket, hot cup of coffee, and a good paperback on a cold snowy winter day. Unfortunately, it does not happen enough! How about you? What is your reading style? Do you prefer an actual book or are you good with the technology of reading with some form of an E-Reader?

There are so many options today versus when I grew up, I don’t think I even owned but a few books that I would read over and over again. If I wanted something different to read I had to go to the library or swap books with a friend. These days you can read from your cell phone, desktop, laptop, any type of e-reader and any kind of tablet.