Adult Coloring Books, the New Technique for Stress Relief and Relaxation

Adult Coloring, Stress & RelaxationDo You Use Adult Coloring Books?

The newest technique for stress relief and relaxation is Adult Coloring Books. Do you use these? I sure do, but not for stress relief, I just love them period! If only there were more time for them.

I also love that they make a great gift. I have bought them for Christmas presents and Birthday presents, and have always gotten a huge “Thanks”. Pair a coloring book or two with a nice set of colored pencils, markers, or even gel pens, and whoolah, instant present, from tween to adult, that fits into any budget!

These are not just great for adults, but tweens and teens love them too!

What a great way for them to relief some of the daily stress of school and friend drama, they all seem to have these days. And the best part, it gets them off social media and electronics at least for awhile.

When they first came out with these, there were not many to choose from and they were only found in certain stores. Now there is a huge variety, from Zen to Garden themes, to Holiday and Animal themes, Novelty and more! Now available in most Dollar Stores too! Yup, in a Dollar Store.

At this price, you can stock up on some to have on a hand for that last minute birthday party announcement or a completely forgotten birthday. No more running around for last minute gifts. I have a small supply of these with a few boxes of colored pencils and markers just for this purpose.

According to the teens and tweens around here, gel pens are the newest thing to color in adult coloring books with. Well, teens know everything right? Haha! My personal preference for my own supply is from Amazon, they have so many good ones and I can order my gel pens at the same time, yup, I love the gel pens too! Smooth coloring.